[Review] Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional (English Version)

{rw_text}Giveaway of the day for August 12, 2009 is:

Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional (English Version)

Version reviewed:

v9.5 Build 8622

Software description as per GOTD:

With growing hard drive capacity, the need to reasonably split up the space is more important than ever. Paragon Software’s easy-to-use partitioning tool is optimal for re-structuring your hard disk for effective data storage.Improve your PC’s performance on-demand without having to re-install your operating system and software applications.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Advanced Partitioning Operations: Enlarge NTFS partitions without rebooting Windows or interrupting your work, repartition hard disks without data loss, redistribute free space between partitions, merge two partitions to one etc.
  • Simple System Backups and Restoration: Fast and easy backup creation to CDs, DVDs and even Blu-ray discs with the Simple Backup Wizard. Back up your system and data safely and easily before performing critical partitioning operations.
  • Optimization and Defragmentation Paragon Adaptive Restore – A powerful and unique technology which allows restoring Windows Vista on completely different hardware or even on a virtual machine.
  • And much more.

Limitations: No winPE CD included in this version.

Ashraf’s Note:

64-bit users have to download this version of the giveaway.

Paragon Partition Manager 2009 was previously given out on Giveaway of the day. It was v9.0 back then so if you got it be sure to upgrade to today’s giveaway because today’s is v9.5. You have to uninstall Paragon Partition Manager 2009 manually –  Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional will not be installed over it but rather in a new directory. To know the exact (or ballpark) changes from v9.0 -> v9.5, I found some sort of change log titled “What’s New in Partition Manager 9.5”. I am not sure if that means “what is different from 9.0 -> 9.5” or what but here is the change log.

Furthermore, Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional Special Edition was just recently given out for free by v3.co.uk. If you got it then there is no reason to download today’s giveaway because they are the exact same.

————————-{/rw_text} –>


  • Fairly easy to use – simple on screen wizards to guide you through each task
  • Can create, expand, resize, merge, delete, undelete, copy, hide, unhide, rename (label and letter), and defrag partitions.
  • Full support for Windows (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS) and Linux (EXT2, EXT3, ReiserFS) and limited support for Mac (HFS+) formats for partitions.
  • Can copy a whole hard drive to another.
  • Has some error checking utilities.
  • Allows you to do image backups.
  • Can create a recovery/boot disc.
  • Not too heavy on computer resources while running respective tasks.
  • Handy MBR related tools.
  • Convert from one file system format to another without having to reformat.
  • View partition contents of any file system type while in Windows.
  • …tons of features (not all mentioned above).

{/rw_good} –>


  • Huge download size (115 MB)!
  • “Install new OS” seems to be a bit unnecessary.
  • When formatting a partition, if partition size is small seeing which partition you have selected is difficult.
  • Image backup size estimate is inconsistent and inaccurate.
  • When expanding/redistributing free space, there is a small bug.
  • You can’t copy a partition into an existing partition.
  • Doesn’t support Windows 7 (yet).
  • The convert file system to another without reformat is sort of a gimick.
  • Program freezes for a few seconds after opening the “File Transfer Wizard”.
  • No WinPE support for the boot disk.
  • So many features in one program… very confusing which one to use first =P

{/rw_bad} –>

{for=”Features as Described” value=”10″}Everything is there and works (as far as I can tell).
{for=”Ease of Use” value=”9″}Very easy to use but with so many features the interface is a little overwhelming. Also there are some minor inconveniences.
{for=”Performance” value=”10″}Not too heavy on resources, and works fairly fast.
{for=”Usefulness” value=”10″}With so many features in this program it will be extremely hard to find someone who can’t use this program for something.
{for=”Arbitrary Equalizer” value=”10″}This category reflects an arbitrary number that does not specifically stand for anything. Rather this number is used to reflect my overall rating/verdict of the program in which I considered all the features and free alternatives.
{/rw_score} –>

{/rw_verdict} –>

Registration and installation went fine. Registration is a bit of an annoyance though. During installation there will be a screen like the following:


Click on “Get Free Serial” and the registration page will open in your web browser. Enter the required information:



Feel free to use your real e-mail because Paragon does not spam. Or if you must, you can make use of Mailinator or 10MinuteMail anti-spam services.

Once you have hit “Submit” go check your e-mail for an e-mail from “eservice@paragon-software.com” with the subject of “A letter from Paragon”. In the e-mail you will find your product key and serial number:


Copy and paste them in their respective areas in the installation window and finish installing. Restart your computer after installation.

Before I start my review let me give me editorialized opinion that I feel Giveaway of the Day is getting the short-end of the stick on this software. As I already mentioned above, v3.co.uk was just allowed to give this software away as a freebie in the past week; many people, including many GOTDers, got it then. Giveaway of the Day receives a lot more traffic, not to mention GOTD servers don’t suck like v3.co.uk’s, and GOTD should have have to play second fiddle to v3.co.uk. However, cyber politics aside… Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional is a great piece of work.

This is what you will see when you first run Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional (from here on out I will use the acronym PPM 9.5 to designate Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional because I am getting bloody tired of typing that huge *** name, haha):


Just like for PPM 2009, PPM 9.5 has an “express launcher” that you see above. This express launcher provides you with quick links to the tasks you can do on PPM 9.5. Take a look for yourself:





I honestly think this express launcher looks better and is superior to the one in PPM 2009 (in terms of available links to features). One of the reasons why is because it is much each to switch back and forth from the express launcher to the “full scale launcher” on PPM 9.5 than it was on PPM 2009. Just click on “Switch to Full Scale Launcher” to open it:


By default the full scale launcher will look like the above (without the black boxes of course). I actually prefer the “classic” view so I changed it (via View -> Layouts -> Classic) to this:


From this full scale launcher you will be able to access the whole boat load of features included in PPM 9.5:


You can access these features from under “Wizard” menu.

  • All of the features have a built in wizard to guide you through the process of using them so even a non-geek can use them very easily. Furthermore, since most of the options you see above are self explanatory,  I won’t bother explaining everything (as if I could… it would take me all night!). Instead let me explain the only “unself explanatory” ones:
    • “Express Create Partition” – this allows you to create a NTFS format partition. It is “express” because the settings are preset to be NTFS and you cannot change it.
    • “Express Resize Partitions” – this is different from the “Move/Resize Partition” feature you will see a little later because “Express Resize Partition” allows you to select two partitions and make one larger by taking space directly from the other one. “Move/Resize Partition” allows you to resize just one partition at a time. Also the two partitions you select for “Express Resize Partitions” must be adjacent to each other on your hard disk (i.e. next to each otheron the disk map in PPM 9.5).
    • “Redistribute Free Space” – this feature is very much like “Express Resize Partition” except for the fact that the partitions need not be adjacent to each other.
    • “Install new OS” is a feature that prepares your computer for a new OS; it does not actually install a new OS for you. In other words it either creates or formats (or both) a partition in which you will install your new OS. To be honest I find this “Install new OS” feature very useless because if you don’t know what you need to do to your hard drive in order to install a new OS (i.e. create a partition) then you shouldn’t be installing an OS anyway. Therefore people that do know won’t need this feature and people that don’t know shouldn’t be installing an OS (let someone else do it for you).
    • “Copy Partition” – This is self explanatory but there is something you should know: you must have free unallocated space in order to use this. You cannot copy a partition into an existing partition even if you have enough empty space in the second partition.
  • Also one thing to keep in mind the backups you create with the “Back Up Disk or Partition” wizard are image backups. Unlike PPM 2009, the image backup feature in PPM 9.5is fairly through allowing for compression, image splitting, password protection, etc.


You can access these features from under “Partition” menu.***Note you must have a partition selected to use these features.

  • The one feature I would like to highlight is “Convert File System”. What this feature does is it allows you to convert from one file system format to another. At first I thought I would be able to do things like NTFS -> Ext3 and such (even though I was not sure it is even possible) but when I tried to use this feature and it turns out I can only go from NTFS -> FAT32. I looked at the help file and it says “Actually the program only displays variants available for the operation, taking into account the current parameters of the selected partition and limitations of the used file system.” What a gimick!


You can access these features from “Hard Disk” menu. ***Note you must have your hard drive selected to use them.

  • “Convert to Basic” is an option to convert a dynamic disk to a basic disk. Click here to learn about the difference between dynamic and basic disks.
  • “Update MBR” is a really nice feature of Paragon. What it does is it replaces your current MBR (master boot record – the thing that tells your computer you have Windows – or any other OS – installed) with the default/standard MBR. This is useful if, say, you installed Windows 7 Beta and decided you don’t want it. So you formatted the partition that had Windows 7 Beta to get rid of it. However the Windows 7 entry was still showing when you reboot your computer. That is because Windows 7 was still listed in your MBR. Just “Update MBR” and it should be gone. Unfortunately with Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8.5 SE this feature never really did anything for me (never worked when it was supposed to). I hope it is better with this software; however I don’t have a corrupted MBR to test it out.
  • Caution on “Edit/View Sectors”. Only try this if you know what you are doing.

Okay that is pretty much the whole program. Only a few things here to there left out like “Settings”, “File Transfer Wizard”, and “Recovery Media Builder” (the recovery/boot disk) – you can find them under “Tools” menu.

As for the performance of this program, it never really uses up too many computer resources. For example, I created an image backup of a 4.88 GB partition (4.27 GB used) and it took me just over 5 minutes to do the complete backup. While the backup was happening, Paragon used 3-17% CPU and about 43 MB of RAM – not bad at all. The end image file size was 4.04 GB; not much compression but that is to be expected with the small partition size and the types of files I have in the partition.

Now this program isn’t perfect – it has more than its few share of annoyances:

  • When you try to format a partition, if any of your current partitions are really small in size, you may be unable to see which partition is which:


However if you select a partition and click “Next” you can find out which partition it is because “Assign the drive letter” will list the letter for the partition. For example if I select my D:/ partition it will show “D:”:


  • When you create an image backup (“Simple Backup”) the estimate archive size (the size of the image file you will create) is not only estimate inaccurately but the program is also inconsistent in its estimates:




The end image file size was neither 3.8 GB, 3.4 GB or 3.933 GB; it was 4.04 GB. Now I can forgive the fact that the estimates were wrong; they are, after all, only estimates. What I can’t forgive is the inconsistency – at least give the same estimate every time.

  • When using the “Redistribute free space feature”, when I set the partition size to the lowest possible, I am told my partition increase by over a million terabytes:


  • No WinPE support for the boot disk. However Linux based boot disk still works.

However overall Paragon Partition Manger 9.5 Professional is an excellent program; two thumbs up from Ashraf.

This review was conducted on a laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. The specs of the laptop are as follows: 3GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 2600 512MB graphics card, and an Intel T8300 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor.


EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition

EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is an excellent freeware parition manager. While it is not as feature filled as Paragon, it is handy for the people who don’t need all the “bells and whistles” but would much rather prefer a program that does the basics well.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8.5 SE

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8.5 SE is an excellent program. It was my go-to program for partition management for a very long time. It has tons of features such as create full backups of your hard drives, create bootable disk, copy your hard drive, create partitions, delete partitions, move partitions, merge partitions, defrag etc. Best of all, it supports Linux partitions, woot!

Paragon Hard Disk Manager works on Windows 98/ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista. 32-bit and 64-bit is supported for all Windows except Vista: Vista support is limited to 32-bit only as far as I know but Vista x64 users should double check on that.


GParted is one of the gems that came out of Linux development; while it was meant originally for Linux it also works with Windows partitions. It is also an excellent partition management tool. The only problem with GParted is that you must create a bootable CD and use it whenever you want to use GParted. In other words, you must reboot your computer every time.

Macrium Reflect Free

This is the free version of Macrium Reflect. Macrium Reflect is a image backup program. Although in the free version the features are limited, I find that Macrium Reflect creates image backups up quicker and has better compression (in general) than any Paragon product. However Macrium does use 2x the CPU while creating a backup (if on high priority).

EASEUS Todo Backup

This is a new  image backup program by EASEUS. Similar to Macrium Reflect free.

{/rw_freea} –>

{rw_verdict2}Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional is an excellent program. Three Two thumbs up for this one: from the basics to all the extra bells and whistles, it is one of the best partition programs out there. However now here is the thing. The biggest thing working again PPM 9.5 is the fact that the download size is so big (115 MB). Many people are not on broadband and/or don’t want to download something this big. Is the download worth it? Heck yes. But for people that can’t/don’t want to download it ask yourself this: do you want a program that just does the basics needed for Windows partition management? If yes then go for EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition. EASEUS PM is an excellent freeware program that does all the basics well – and it is only a 8.4 MB download. However for everyone that wants more than the basics, you will just have to suck it up and download the huge file for Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional.
{/rw_verdict2} –>

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  • Maury

    SIW2 – thanks for the reply – but I saw on Ashrafs review of 9.5 that it didn’t support Win 7. Does that just mean you can’t install 9.5 Pro on Win 7 at this time?

    My machine now runs XP sp3 as a main OS, and I want to set up a partition and load Win 7 into that partition. Would I be able to do that with Paragon 9.5?

    Thanks, and thanks to Ashraf for the great reviews!

  • SIW2


    Sorry for the short reply above – lost my connection for a moment.

    PM 9.5 Pro is exactly the same build version as the PM10 personal giveaway.

    You get extra features with the PM9.5PRO – the features of the Professional version, as opposed to those of the Personal version from the previous giveaway.

    It has been working perfectly on my 7 x64 system for quite a while.

    Fantastic piece of software from Paragon. Anazing it is free.

    Remember to run off the bootable cd from within the program.

    Hope it helps.


  • SIW2

    Hi Maury,

    “Maury said:

    Great review – like the illustrations. One question: I picked up Paragon 10.0 personal addition from GOTD in September. I want to be able to try Win 7 on it’s own partition without deleting my XP sp3 first on my PC. Is 9.5 Pro going to be better than 10.0 Personal (easier to use – fewer problems, more stable, etc.) or should I just stick with 10.0 Personal? I’m sure they’re both good, but I’d like to have the best one.

    Thanks for your advice!”

    P,9.5PRO is abetter program than PM10

  • SIW2

    Hi Ashraf,

    Good review again. Juat one small point:

    “Update MBR” is a really nice feature of Paragon. What it does is it replaces your current MBR (master boot record – the thing that tells your computer you have Windows – or any other OS – installed) with the default/standard MBR. This is useful if, say, you installed Windows 7 Beta and decided you don’t want it. So you formatted the partition that had Windows 7 Beta to get rid of it. However the Windows 7 entry was still showing when you reboot your computer. That is because Windows 7 was still listed in your MBR. Just “Update MBR” and it should be gone.”

    It is a useful feature – if your MBR gets corrupted, or if you have a NON WINDOWS boot manger manager installed on the MBR – you can remove it.

    E.G. Paragon’s own BM and other 3rd party boot mangers will often install on the MBR. Grub can do that too.

    Rewriting the MBR with standard MBR code will not and was never intended to remove Windows botmanagers – bootmgr ( for Vista/7 ) or Ntldr ( for XP ).They are not on the first track of the HD- they are installed on the Active partition.

    Neither will it remove any entries from bcd or boot.ini.

    That is the point of it – replace your damaged MBR – and still boot straight back into Windows.

    Probably explains why you did’t get the result you expected.

    Keep up the great work – I often check your reviews for a quick overview and opininon on the latest software goodies.

    Hope it helps


  • Maury

    Great review – like the illustrations. One question: I picked up Paragon 10.0 personal addition from GOTD in September. I want to be able to try Win 7 on it’s own partition without deleting my XP sp3 first on my PC. Is 9.5 Pro going to be better than 10.0 Personal (easier to use – fewer problems, more stable, etc.) or should I just stick with 10.0 Personal? I’m sure they’re both good, but I’d like to have the best one.

    Thanks for your advice!

  • Janet


    I assume I’m 32-bit (how do you check?). Should I get rid of my EASEUS Pro?

  • madalpal

    Thanks for the reply. I followed the forum link, but would you please let me know when you get a chance, how I can tell which one was most appropriate for say, the type of content I posted today? Anyway, I appreciate all you do, & more so, in spite of the detractors. Thanks. Al

  • Ashraf

    @madalpal: I agree with you that some people drive away others but I would prefer if this kind of discussion was kept to the forums =).

  • madalpal

    Hey again. When I went back to GOATD, & right after I just posted my comment to y’all, lo & behold 2 of my main points were verified by the following two commenter’s. [BTW please let me know if when I use your site here from now on, if it’s OK to copy/paste others comments] I can’t believe how quickly I found justification in what I had just said. The 1st is the hater who uses Ashraf as a scapegoat for their hatred of themselves, as directed at others.

    “58. This is a top shelf program! Everything Paragon makes is high quality stuff! Thanks GAOTD!!!***What’s with this bogus cliffhanger ending by #1 assraf and this guano by @#40 Steve “Smag” Wilson? They must be bunk mates or something. Just make a brief comment like everyone else and stop tailgating on the good name of Giveaway of the Day!Comment by anewbe — August 12th, 2009 at 10:09 am Did you find this comment useful? yes | no( -18)”

    The second shows that others are positive & show they care about others & will defend against these needless ‘attackers,’ & that they acknowledge that many people are driven away from what could be helpful info to them, by these vicious fools.

    “73. #58 If you are a newbe maybe that’s an excuse for your corrosive attitude toward someone who has contributed immensely to the GAOTD community. If a posting is too long for you to read simply scroll on by it. Many of us benefit greatly from the detailed information available in some of the posts in Comments. The Forums are especially instructive and engaging. Another word for ‘tailgating’ is networking. I have learned a lot from some of the websites and blogs I’ve discovered here. People like you have chased too many good contributors to this site away. I hope potential contributors to the site are not dissuaded by malcontents and trolls and exercise their mouse scroll buttons to pass them by. If it weren’t for lengthy posts like Bubby’s yesterday some of us would be in a world of hurt right now.Comment by TwoPennies — August 12th, 2009 at 12:22 pm Did you find this comment useful? yes | no ( +7)”

    We can’t let derogatory distracters prevent our positive progress. Thanks for being here. Al

  • madalpal

    Sunny(& Ashraf): First of all, thanks. The tone of your message to me was both encouraging & informational. Even though forums like this are anonymous by nature, where people can conceal their identities & say hurtful things they would never do to someone’s face, there are those who show that they are willing to help others, whether in person, or here. I’ve gone back to college after a ‘long vacation’ & kept going until I just got my Master’s, so I think you picked up on the fact that people like myself crave learning, but need all the help we can get, because we’ve studied or experienced things other than computer knowledge. I come here to learn all I can, because when I started back, I knew nothing about computers, & slowly & painfully picked up ‘bytes’ of info along the way. The forums are full of techno wizards & newbies & all between, & at times it is so irritating to see people jump on each other for such trivial things, or put them down because newbies don’t know what to do—forgetting I guess, that they, like everyone else, had to start somewhere. The damage is that many never come back for fear of ridicule, humiliation, & downright hateful, intimidating responses, or don’t want to be around the bickering. I’ve seen that done to Ashraf, among others, so there are untold thousands who browse these forums & are driven away. So my long-winded point here is that I’ll use what I can & keep learning & appreciate those who, like yourself & Ashraf, give freely of their time & efforts to pull others up, & let the negative people sadly waste their energies putting others down. I know this is off the main topic, but it relates to everyday forum discussions in general, & know others who may never thank you all personally, still feel grateful, & will come back. The positive people want to give of their knowledge to others, & are thankful for the opportunities provided here. Al

  • Bill Gates II

    Gedrean, your reply about the boot.inf is abit out of date. starting in windows Vista microsoft got ride of the boot.inf, the replaced it with the Boot Configuration Data.

  • Ashraf

    @madalpal: If you are not ready to use partition software then I suggest you don’t. You are right it really can mess you up if you don’t know what you are doing. However Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Pro has more than just partitioning features (backup, defrag, etc.) so you may still find this program useful. However is 115 MB download worth it for backup and defrag only? Probably not.

    @Janet: Are you on 64-bit? If you are then keep EASEUS Pro because EASEUS Home Edition won’t work for you. If you are on 32-bit then yes get EASEUS Home Edition.

    As for Paragon Partition Manager 2009 vs EASEUS: Paragon Partition Manager 2009 is very similar to Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Pro so my verdict is the same. Use EASEUS if you want a bare-bones, get-to-work partition software. Use Paragon if you want lots of bells and whistles.

    @ab: Yes you can use this if you hard drive does not boot to install Linux. However you need to install this on another computer and burn the bootable disk onto a CD to do that.

  • Jyo

    Has anyone actually tried this software on vista 64-bit? I’m afraid there could still b bugs…(I’m not up for putting my hard drive at risk yet)

  • Gedrean


    In reply to your article, some comments:
    -Win7Beta issue: The problem in this case is most likely NOT a corrupted MBR, but the fact that when you nuke the partition for Win7, you didn’t remove the Windows 7 entry from your boot.ini – boot.ini is a Windows NT(or higher) based file which tells the NT loader (ntldr) which entry to launch, based on what is selected.

    One must first make the file non-system, non-hidden, non-readonly, then edit it, then set those attributes back. On next boot, the option is gone, if edited correctly.

    For example, I edited mine to put grub in, so I could play with my Linuxes all I wanted. :)

    -WinPE Bootdisc support: WinPE bootdisc support is easy enough to fudge – merely make the WinPE disc or USB with another bootloader, such as BCDW or Isolinux, which allows you to force in various options such as booting from ISO file (which I presume is the format of the boot disc), or booting the WinPE option. For more information, see the UBCD4WIN Project, they have a BartPE in theirs but their project uses BCDW for multiboot – and booting a BartPE or a WinPE is relatively the same (loading /I386/SETUPLDR)…

    Good luck and have fun!

  • ab

    If my hard disk does not boot, can I still use to partition it, and install Linux? How will I get this registered in that case?

  • sunny


    You wrote: What is the purpose & rationale for the inexperienced to go into the HD & start adding & moving around, cleaning up, etc. the very core of our OS?

    You’ve made a very good point!

    Might I suggest that you just download, install and register this Paragon offer, (safely store your reg details off your computer also as well as the file itself) AND create the bootable disk now and keep that safe too – but for the time being do nothing with the program, other than read some of the Help file.

    Use the coming months to study on the internet the many helpful articles on ‘Why create a Drive Image’ and ‘The Importance of making Regular Data Backups’ and ‘How to Partition and Why’.

    Remember that data backup programs are not Drive Imaging programs (though nowadays the two are sometimes combined in the one program). This is something many people are confused about initially.
    I certainly was.

    In due course with growing experience and some study you will have the confidence to use all three types of program. I’d suggest that for now you concentrate on learning:

    (a) how to do Regular Data Backups to external drive and DVDs. There are a number of free programs to do this. (Ashraf has recommended some on dottech.com). If you installed Double Safety the other day, this could be a good place to start. Ashraf wrote an excellent review for it also.

    (b) why making ‘Drive Images’ onto external drives is a terrific idea, and one that has saved many people from computer disaster. You could think about Macrium Reflect (Free and Pro) for this. Read user reviews of these. The Free version has some important limitations however.

    Today’s partitioning program is something I expect you’ll seldom need, but when, in time future, you do need it, you’ll be glad you installed and registered it today.

    It IS very confusing, but gradually you’ll find that all the pieces will start to fall into place, as you study and learn and visit the tech forums.

    As for the GOTD offerings messing up one’s system. Yes, they can and they do – sometimes. The golden rule here is to use great discrimination in what you decide to install. Preferably, before installing, look on the internet for User Reviews to get some idea of the quality of the program. Occasionally, GOTD offers well-known brands such as Paragon which we can have immediate confidence in.

    Remember before installing anything, go into ‘System Restore’ on your computer, and create a Restore Point. If disaster occurs, you can then roll back your computer to before the bad install. BUT first make sure that ALL your personal data files are stored in ‘My Documents’. Otherwise System Restore will delete any of your personal data that you placed on the Desktop, or in the C drive – other than in the Document & Settings folder which is safe. I learnt all this the hard way!

    Good luck on your journey into this sea of technology. Thankfully, we are not without light-houses and beacons to guide us. It has all been well charted by others before us and many have generously written their helpful articles on the internet for us to access, cross-reference and learn from.

  • Andrew Rein

    Excellent review. Concise, yet detailed enough for me to decide if I want to try this out. Thanks so much for your effort on this.

  • Janet

    I see I have EASEUS Partition Master 3.5 Professional Edition. [Must have it from either Goatd or Dottech.] If I don’t want the 115MB monster, should I install EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition instead of my present EASEUS Partition Master 3.5 Professional Edition?

    I also have Paragon Partition Manager 2009.exe. How does that compare to the lesser Easeus’s?

  • madalpal

    Good day, Ashraf. I’ve been reading your reviews here & on GAOTD for a few months now. I recently made a long post on GOATD about how much some of us need & appreciate the help provided by yourself & the others that I had mentioned, but it never showed up (so let me thank you here). Regardless, I was glad to see you take the time & effort to go first today. That being said, for newbies that have not had the benefit of training or experience such as myself, this ‘partitioning’ seems a quite formidable challenge to comprehend & undertake. Therefore, what is the purpose & rationale for the inexperienced to go into the HD & start adding & moving around, cleaning up, etc. the very core of our OS? With such a potential for major damage, if we do just one thing wrong–even with backups–do you not feel that there is a need for great caution for us untrained? Because some mistakes cannot be fixed beyond a certain point, & we may never be able to restore the OS. In the past few months, there have been some major issues with some of the offerings on GOATD, & I see many, many people having such problems & posting for help, but never get it before the 24 hours is up! I’ve only seen a very few developers get in on the active forums–& they usually ignore almost all the individual cries for help when they do, answering maybe a couple out of the many requests. So after reading your very detailed & helpful breakdown of the steps (why aren’t the developers taking the time & effort to do the job they are paid for, that you & others do for free? They should do exactly what you have done here, in a step-by-step illustrated approach), it just seems too complicated & overwhelming; so for the non-techs here, what is the next best alternative to even the basic ones (EASEUS Partition Master Home Ed.) until we get more knowledge & experience–beyond maintenance things like CCleaner, ADV Windows Care, Smart Defrag, etc.? Thanks