Google’s reverse image search is an extremely useful tool for finding the origin of images or photos

We all know about Google Images, the image search engine by El Goog. But do we all know about Google’s reverse image search engine? I for one didn’t until a day or two ago but once I learned of it, I started using it and so far it has been great.

Google’s reverse image search engine is a service that allows users to search by images. No, that isn’t search for images per se — it is search by images: you input an image URL or upload an image, and then Google finds similar looking images. Although the service may sound simple, it can actually be very useful.

Let’s say you have an image on hand but you have no idea where it is from. How will you learn more about the subject of the image or find similar images? Google reverse image search will provide you with a trail of the image as it appears on the Internet, allowing you to find the source if you are diligent enough. For example, I was able to learn the 3D art of Batman is painted in Madrid by using Google reverse image search, a fact I didn’t know before. I’m sure there are many other uses, too.

TinEye offers a free reverse image search engine, too. However, TinEye simply cannot match the power of Google when it comes to finding things on the Internet. So while TinEye is great, Google’s reverse image search is better. Hit up the link below to get started with Google reverse image search.

Google reverse image search engine

[Thanks Eric!]

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