[Opera] Use Ghostery to see what websites are tracking you

“Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean that there’s no one out to get me.” Who hasn’t heard that line before, or some variation on it? With the information age came the fact that more people and companies are collecting data on individual people and their habits more than ever. This information is generally used to target ads at people more likely to click on them. If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly what websites have you in their sights, then Ghostery for Opera is a good option.

Ghostry places a cute little blue ghost in your add-ons bar, and when you load a site that has tracking embedded in it, a little number will pop up next to the ghost indicating exactly how many trackers are embedded in the site you’re viewing. Clicking the ghost will give you more information about exactly what those trackers are.

Ghostery also features the ability to block certain trackers from seeing you – and its list of trackers to block is so long that it made my eyes nearly bug out. I have a cold right now so that was not comfortable. I had no idea there were so many trackers around the web. Ghostery opened my eyes, and in the future I will use it to keep them blocked. So if you’d like to know who’s out there watching you right now, check out Ghostery.

By the way, there are six trackers on dotTech – Google + 1, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Custom Search Engine, and Twitter Button. And now you know what’s tracking you right now.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 0.9.5

Requires: Opera

Ghostery at Opera Add-ons

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  • Ashraf

    @jivadas: Interesting. Can you tell me what exactly Ghostery blocks on dotTech? Blocking should not restrict you from posting comments.

  • jivadas

    If you select all trackers, and try to comment on an article, dottech will not accept your response.
    You must click the ghostery button. which will allow these trackers on the dottech page (only).
    I’m not complaining about this, just advising.


  • jivadas

    This excellent device DOES work on Windows 7. Maybe it has been fixed since the above reponses were written. It’s a very user-friendly device. With a couple of clicks you can eliminate all trackers; and there is provision to make exception for particular ones. Thanks for the link!


  • jivadas


    Does the browser support the program, or _vice versa_?
    Use this download url for options in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and IE:

    Thanks for the headsup. I’ll see if it’s as good as its reputation.


  • @Horrabin: It certainly seems to! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Horrabin

    I don’t use Opera for much of anything, but the same extension is available for Firefox and I’ve used it for some time now. Great extension, one of the first on my list for any new installation of Firefox I do. I recommend it if it works in Opera as well as it does in Firefox!

  • @coco puffs: Gah, autocorrect gets me again. I hate when it does corrections like that.

    Unfortunately I can’t edit the article once it’s been published. >.< Thanks for pointing it out, though.

    @Philippe: You’re quite welcome! :)

  • fermier

    @coco puffs:

    apostrophe is dead viz Barclays Bank, Gimbels Dept. Store, etc etc

    only time you see it is
    Apple’s 10 cents a pound.

  • fermier

    It’s not so much the websites but JEH and his boys, been doing it for years.

  • coco puffs

    please correct spelling error.
    it should be its not it is in the partial sentence below.
    it’s is it is contracted. its is owning.
    and it’s list of trackers to block is so long that it made my eyes nearly bug out.

  • Philippe

    I just installed it. I scanned this page and got 7 tracking services, from Facebook to Adsense, Google and Twitter.

    Good software, but Asraf you are going to put you out of business with this add-on. Anyway this works only for opera, which is the browser I use at 95%. Thanks