iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III: Drop tests show iPhone 5 is very durable, survives falls much better than the Galaxy S III

Today is the official release date for the much anticipated iPhone 5. While the features of the iPhone 5 may be nothing special for Android fans, how does its durability fare? As we have seen in the iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S III vs HTC One X drop test, the iPhone 4S had (has) excellent build quality; has this build quality transferred to the iPhone 5? We have a couple of drop tests to show you that, yes, indeed it has.

iPhone 5 Drop Test

The first drop test is of just the iPhone 5, being dropped multiple different ways. Although the drop test is a bit biased (the video rarely shows the iPhone 5 up close and does some questionable frame skipping towards the end), the test shows the iPhone 5 is extremely durable — it took quite a good amount of dropping for the screen to crack. Check it out:

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III Drop Test

The following drop test is of the iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III. This drop test, despite being conducted by an Android related website, is of higher quality than the previous one; not only does the video show close up shots of both devices after drops, but it also shows the drops in slow motion allowing you to judge how the devices are dropped to see if the point of impact may have any affect on the results.

Like the previous drop test, this drop test shows the iPhone 5 has excellent build quality. The Galaxy S III? Not so much. Maybe for the Galaxy S IV Samsung will opt for a unibody design like the iPhone — or is copying Apple a sore subject right now?. Check out the drop test yourself:


Of course it would be illogical to make a conclusive statement about iPhone 5’s superior build quality versus the Galaxy S III without the results of a test conducted using the scientific method; plus, since many people use some sort of protective on their phones, drop tests that drop naked devices may not be very realistic. Still, however, if you are prone to dropping your device and you are trying to decide between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III… then I think the implications of the above drop tests are very clear.

Kudos, Apple. Maybe next time you can release an innovative phone with excellent build quality. You know, the innovation millions of people have come to know and love; the innovation you claim to do better than everyone else.

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