[Chrome] Take notes right in your browser with Memo Notepad

An instance of Notepad open on my computer is pretty much a constant thing. I take notes – regularly. I note add-ons and apps I want to review, I organize lists, I keep track of blog posts and the like across multiple different sites, and Notepad has been my best friend since I was sixteen. It isn’t as bulky as Word (and doesn’t taunt me with the fact that what I’m working on isn’t one of my books), and it is small and simple. I like small and simple. But I admit, keeping a notepad as just another tab in my browser would be just as convenient, and one with cloud backup that can be accessed online or off is even better.

This is why I like Memo Notepad. Memo Notepad is an application for Chrome that opens a new tab with a blank “college rule” style piece of paper, on a simple wood background. The font it uses is a mimicked handwriting that is actually easy to read and quite cute. I’m not good at identifying fonts on sight, perhaps someone else can tell us what it is they’re using. The interface is equally simple. It features a pencil that creates a new note, an arrow that saves the note you’re on, a magnifying glass that searches your notes, and a trash can to delete the currently selected note.

The search bar will find the word you’re looking for in any of the saved notes. As I babbled on for five notes with variations on “I am writing a note,” “this is a new note,” and my favorite, “New note, new note, move down move down, new note, new note move down.” Kudos if you got that reference.

I actually like the lined paper and the fact that it puts each new line ON the next line down, so it doesn’t feel like I’m scribbling across notebook paper, but actually writing in it. The “paper” resizes itself to your browser window, and when you fill an entire page it simply scrolls down. Maybe it’s time I said goodbye to Notepad and just kept my notes where the rest of my work is – in my browser.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 0.0.6

Requires: Chrome

Memo Notepad at Chrome Webstore

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