Turn your photos into classic Polaroids with Rollip

Update: Rollip is no longer free!

Nowadays most people use digital camera, or their cameras on their cell phones (I bet my cell phone owns yours – ha ha), when it comes to photography. So does anyone still remember those huge Polaroid cameras way back when? You know the ones that developed the picture as soon as you snapped it? Yes… they weren’t the best of quality but they were instant and so coooooool! I remember always wanting to use one as a child (hey… no comment on my age!). Never did get the chance though sadly enough. If you do miss the Polaroids, I can’t promise you a Polaroid camera to use, but I can promise you the next best thing: Rollip.

Rollip is a free web service that allows you to turn your already existing digital images into Polaroids. Like this…


…into this:


It is kinda cool. You get to pick from multiple different “Polaroid effects”…


…and even get to do some border customization:


Once you are done you just upload your image (JPEG/JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF formats only) and wait (I waited less than ten seconds before my example photo you saw above was finished). When the image is done being Polaroid-ed, you are shown a preview of your image and are given the options to download it or share it:


You can Polaroid your own images from the following link:

Click here to visit Rollip.com

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  • Ashraf

    @Skye-hook: True it is a novelty that many people won’t find useful.

    @Grazina: What the ****? I only posted about it because the developer e-mailed me and told me it was a free service; and it was free when I posted about it but you are right they are asking people to buy credits now. He tricked me it seems like. Do I sound pissed? Good – I am pissed. I mean if you don’t want to offer a free service fine that is your choice. But do not e-mail me asking me to write about your free service if you plan on changing it without so much as informing me.

    On the brightside, you can take a screenshot or right click -> save the image when it shows as a “preview”.

  • Grazina

    Ashraf, Rollip is not free – I could only upload my photo and see a preview but to do anything else they asked me to buy credits:
    Before you can continue using Rollip, you need credits.
    Click the button below to buy 15 credits for $2.99 and process 15 photos in high quality.

    I know it’s not a lot money but it’s not free service.

  • Skye-hook

    Seems kinda useless, considering you don’t get a hard copy! That’s what Polaroid was/is all about! A hard copy NOW. All u get when you use this service is the same picture on the same PC. Whoop-dee-do. lol:) Now if they wanna send me a Polaroid type (NO frame pls! Just make it simple like a real Polaroid) , then I wouldn’t even mind an ad ya have to cut off the bottom! Now that would be a Polaroid ALMOST! And at least, I’d appreciate the service.
    Ashraf- did you know Polaroid now makes digital cameras too? And as far as I know, one can still buy the film for the instant Polaroid pics.