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The human brain has superb recognition ability. When you are walking around a city/town and looking for a place to eat, if you come around the corner and see yellow arches, most people on this planet wouldn’t even need words on the sign to know it is McDonald’s. The same goes for a vast number of company logos throughout the world. That is the reason for the success of Logos Quiz Game, which is all about guessing brand names based on their stripped down logos. In today’s society, where so much money is spent on marketing and logo designs, it isn’t hard to wonder why this game is so addicting to users.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Logos Quiz Game wants you to guess the brands of logos that have been stripped of some content, graphics, and words/letters.


  • 9 levels with over 500 total brand logos
  • Good blend of easy and hard logos
  • Nice clean user interface
  • Good scoring system based on time elapsed and wrong answers


  • Ad-supported
  • Hints are tough to come by without buying them
  • Unless you go buy premium, the game doesn’t show you the complete logo after the guess correctly


Logos Quiz Game is one of the more popular games in the App Store. It tests your recognition ability of popular brand-name logos and does it quite well. The app is simple and straight to the point. Pressing play will bring you to your first level of logos, for which there are 34. You click on any logo you know and enter the brand’s name as fast as you can. You will awarded points based on your speed and lack of incorrect answers.

The logos themselves are smartly stripped to (usually) one layer of design. Most of the time, the full name of the word is removed, but when logos are made of the brand name only, then often letters will be removed. The colors and designs are completely accurate throughout and tend to get much more difficult as you go. I did find some where I literally didn’t even know what the brand was, but I will say there were ultimately very few of them where that was the case. Thankfully, you don’t need to guess all of them in a level to move on, as only 15 correct answers (of 34)  got level 2 unlocked. The 2nd level (of 9) has 76 logos, so there are a lot of logos to guess.

Please note that the scoring system is based on the number of wrong answers you provide as well as the speed in which you answer them. The answers are not case-sensitive and punctuation is not important. If you guess an answer but it is slightly misspelled, the game will show you a green congruent symbol to alert you that it is probably just a spelling issue. Hints are provided as you continue to do well in the game, but use them wisely as they will run out quickly when the game gets more difficult.

I am okay with developers using ads and having upgrades to remove them. It is a great way to gather income for an app that probably took a long time to program. I just don’t understand why the developer doesn’t show the full logo after you guess it correctly. Seems odd to me to strip apart the app that much.

Conclusion and download link

Logos Quiz Game is brand name logo guessing game that has already made a lot of noise in the App Store. Find out why everyone is so addicted to this app and download Logos Quiz Game.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.3.0

Download size: 47.8 MB

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 4.0 and up

Logos Quiz Game on iTunes

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