[iPhone] Do you remember the game Rummikub? Then you will love OkeyOnline!

Back in the late 70’s, Rummikub became a bestselling game in the United States and still is sold to this day. If you were a fan of Rummikub or like Rummy-like games, then you will enjoy OkeyOnline.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

OkeyOnline is a multiplayer tile-based Rummy game.


  • Can invite Game Center friends to play
  • 30 second play limit
  • Lists # of users online
  • Can join/leave a match at anytime
  • Voice chat*


  • Ads
  • Can’t choose table to sit at
  • Empty spots filled by robots


OkeyOnline is a fun multiplayer game much like the popular game Rummikub. Every player in the game is dealt 14 tiles with colored numbers on them. The goal is to change your hand until it contains all matches of a different color and/or runs (i.e. consecutive numbers) in the same color, much like the game Rummy. You can also win by gathering 7 different matches of the same color, which is called a “pair finish”.

One interesting aspect of the game involves the joker involvement. There is always an indicator tile placed in the middle of the Okey board. The joker is always one more than the indicator of the same tile. So if the indicator tile is a blue 1, then the joker is a blue 2. There is an option in OkeyOnline to mark the joker in case you don’t remember the joker rules. The joker can be any tile.

In terms of scoring for the game, if a player wins with a “pair finish”, they get 4 points, while a typical Rummy finish garners 2 points. If you can somehow manage to make the joker the last tile discarded when you go out, then your points are doubled.

Though I think the ads are a bit distracting in a app, I liked the game and how easy it is to join a match. There are usually a ton of players online and joining one usually takes a few seconds. There is no lag that can be seen and even when players drop, the robot takes over and immediately plays their hand. I don’t particularly like the concept of having a bot there, but it is a necessary evil in this type of multiplayer experience.

I enjoy the concept of being able to invite friends to play with as the familiar competition makes the game even more fun. It is worth noting that there is a voice chat feature, but I wasn’t able to figure it out. That obviously would be a big plus.

Conclusion and download link

OkeyOnline is a solid, ad-supported multiplayer game. If you like Rummy type games or enjoyed playing Rummikub at some point in your life, then give OkeyOnline a try. I am addicted.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.9

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 3.0 and up

Download size: 12.2 MB

OkeyOnline on iTunes

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  • JockeP

    I’ve played Okey, Touch Rummy, Rummikub, Nummi, Rummyfied and Rummyfight on iPhone (Yes, I’m a Rummikub addict) but the best app by far in my opinion is Rummyfight.

    Why? Well,it’s the only app where you can SEE your opponent’s melds being played. The other apps are like: “Ok, I’m in the fight now. What has changed since last time? I have no idea. Oh, look, a tile is a little grayer. Is that a new tile or a moved tile? I don’t know”

    In Rummyfight you see the tiles move and you can learn about your opponents strategies this way.

    And also, Rummyfight is a lot better on the social side. Instead of just playing someone random, their profiles with pictures and information actually tell me something about them and I can chat with them individually if I like.

    So for me, Rummyfight is the one I will stick to. Especially since I have an iPhone and my brother Android and we can play each other since it exists for both.

    If I would pick a second it would be Rummyfied due to it’s nice graphics. Rummikub and Nummi just plain sucks.

  • Brett

    I have Touch Rummy as well. Great app!

  • Mardel53

    After reading your above post, I thought I would tell you about Touch Rummy on ITunes.
    Same as Rummikub (exactly). It is a beautiful almost match for the original board game. It does sell for $2.99 but I was able to get it for 99¢ while it was on sale. 5.2 mb (a lot less than the above) and of course since I paid for it…no ads. I play against my device all the time, however, you can play against others.Please check it out………it is well worth it if you enjoy Rummikub.