See what an astronaut sees from space in this voice-narrated video

We have already seen a time-lapse video of the space, as seen from the International Space Station. Today I have another space video to show you, although of a different kind.

The following video is of the view astronauts have of Earth from the International Space Station. What makes this video different than the previous time-lapse one is that the video is voice-narrated and points out different regions of Earth as you see them. It may sound lame but is actually pretty cool. Check it out:

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  • sragan5

    This was lovely. It’s kind of fun trying to guess what landmass is floating past you onscreen when there is no narration, but this is much better…trying to see if you can pinpoint where you live as the actual astronaut who saw this view LIVE is pointing out your city. Plus, his soft-spoken gorgeous english accent adds that touch of class and elegance that turned what originally was a just a pretty video into something memorable.

  • Jeanjean

    Beautiful ! Thanks.

  • jivadas

    Thanks for the spacetrip.