Use the ‘define’ keyword on Google to quickly learn the meaning and proper spelling of a word [Tip]

Yesterday I posted a tip about how Google is the best spell checker, ever. As is typical of dotTechies, some of you posted tips related to using Google for spell checking purposes. One of these very useful tips is to use ‘define’ as a modifier for your search query.

When you type ‘define [word]’ in Google (e.g. ‘define acword’, as shown in the above screenshot), Google provides you with not only the proper spelling of the word (if you misspelled it) but also the definition, plus synonyms, an audio pronunciation of the word, and links to learn more. It is an extremely handy way to quickly check your spelling and, if needed, learn what a word means. Try it yourself if you don’t believe ole Ashraf.

[Thanks J.L. and Grantwhy!]

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