HTTPS Everywhere now supports over 2,000 websites on Firefox and is now available on Chrome, too

Last year dotTech reviewed an add-on called HTTPS Everywhere developed by the folks at Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Tor Project. For those that aren’t familiar with it, HTTPS Everywhere forces the use of HTTPS (instead of HTTP) on websites, when available.

The kicker is HTTPS Everywhere needs to have specific rules for individual websites, meaning support for websites need to be hardcoded into the add-on. Last year when HTTPS Everywhere was released and dotTech reviewed it, the add-on supported a few hundred websites . Since then the add-on has been regularly updated and it now supported over 2,000 websites. More specifically, EFF doesn’t say exactly how many websites are supported (anyone want to manually count the list?), looking at the changelog for HTTPS Everywhere, I count almost 2,500 supported websites. The largest number of these websites, 1,455, have been added in the latest v3.0 that was released a few days ago.

Aside from supporting more websites on Firefox, HTTPS Everywhere is now available on Chrome, too. However, take note on Chrome HTTPS Everywhere is only in the alpha development stage so it may not be as stable as the Firefox version.

HTTPS Everywhere can be grabbed from the links below:

Current version: v3..00 (Firefox), alpha 2012.10.9 (Chrome)

Requires: Firefox or Chrome

HTTPS Everywhere homepage | Direct download Firefox version | HTTPS Everywhere on Chrome Web Store

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