Giveaway of the Day fixes false positives on malware detection – don’t give up on GOTD yet!

It seems that GOTD has fixed the false malware/virus readings many people have been getting for the past two days. As Victor Gnanaraj pointed out today’s giveaway is not detected as virus or malware, and I can confirm my Avira did not detect anything and neither did VirusTotal for today’s giveaway of Watermark Express. So now all I gotta say is don’t give up on GOTD yet! They fixed the false readings and I bet they are still open up for suggestions on how to work their Software Informer deal from users.

For those that have yet to encounter it, when running Setup.exe you get a little pop up asking you if you want to install Software Informer’s client:


You can very easily click “No” and not install the client.

Also, there is a button at the end activation window that you may click (again optional) to install the client:


Now here is my two cents to Giveaway of the Day. First thing you should do now is disable the “update this software” feature of Software Informer’s client. Why? Well because not only is it against your terms of service, regarding updates, but many giveaways turn into trial version if you update them. People that don’t know this will try to update and will not be happy.

Second thing is they should remove the popup. I say this because considering the nature of GOTD, installing new software everyday, some play may think this “Software Informer” thing is part of the giveaway and install it without full knowledge of the fact it is a third party client they do not need. At the very least put a disclaimer “this is optional and not part of the giveaway” if you are going to keep the pop up.

Last thing, if at all possible, I suggest removing the Software Informer client totally from your giveaways and instead put a link on your website like you do for Advanced SystemCare.

If I have any more suggestions I will be sure to speak out. Feel free to post your suggestions below.

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  • Athlonite

    Hey Ashraf !!

    I’m really sorry for this but, I will no longer recommend GAOTD. I am a regular member at PCWorld Community (forums) and have been for the last two years. In that time I have recommended and posted giveaways such as the excellent Online Armor Firewall(amongst others). Many members and visitors took advantage of this wonderful offer. I’m Really sorry that they now have to resort to offering and from what I understand of reading other posters, a toolbar that the giveaway will not install unless you agree to install this Very Useless toolbar. They are so very easily preyed upon. A real source for infections.

    It is with(great) regret that I will now have to forfeit any of the daily giveaway. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way.

    Until such time as you or they (GAOTD) can assure us that the toolbar will NOT install upon declining the offer, I will not be recommending this site anymore.

    I will however , keep reading your reviews as I have been for a quite some time now. You are one of the most responsible person on the net. You Always warn of potential danger and for that I thank you.

    Yours Truly :


    PS > If you want one the most accurate update programs, give this one a try. They have a online scanner or you can download their scanner and install on your PC :

  • VisuAL

    Totally agree – the Software Informer client (SIC)should be fully removed from all Giveaway’s. Only a link for those that still want to try it can be provided as suggested by Ashraf.

    I tried to activate Watermark Express, ensuring Software Informer was NOT installed, but got a message saying the encryption key could not be unlocked (due to the aforesaid disabled S.I.C..?) Sadly disappointed as a result – hope it is not repeated in future attempts for other downloads.!

    Anyone interested in a FREE auto-update SEARCH utility that returns results, but lets you choose what to do with each, can try the TechTracker offering from CNET. It is currently a Beta edition replacement for the old (discontinued) Catch-up that they had previously. Windows version only (Mac coming soon).

    This is one of my recommended essential utilities for keeping an eye on installed software.

  • Emrys

    Another well thought out post. And ethically stated as well.