[Windows] Use FileBot to automatically rename your video files in sequential order, such as TV show episodes

Storing huge amount of TV shows, songs, or movies on your computer can pose some unique organizing problems. This is also true for those who like to download and store videos from YouTube and other popular video sites. Having a software that is a major help in organizing the files would be a huge boon and this is where FileBot shows its worth.


Main Functionality

FileBot is a free program that allows you to name your video files in a sequential order. If the videos belong to a same TV series, it can automatically rename the files with the correct episode names.


  • Automatically renames selected video files in sequential order
  • Has the ability to find episode names of popular TV shows and automatically rename TV show episode videos accordingly
  • Allows you to search for and download subtitles
  • Has a portable version


  • Requires Java


FileBot is a useful software for reorganizing your huge cache of video files within a few seconds. Just load the videos, which you think are linked with one another, in the correct order and FileBot renames the videos sequentially; or, if you want, it can even fetch episode names of popular TV shows from the net.

FileBot comes in both an installer version and a portable version. Once you download the file (and installed it if you have chosen the installer file), simply launch the program and load the videos that you want renamed in the List tab. Enter the name of the series (be it a TV show, a movie series, or your own custom name), specify the episode/number count, and press Create. The program then changes the names sequentially.

Save your work by pressing the Save As button.

Next go to the Rename tab and once again load the videos in the left hand box. Once you make sure that the videos have been loaded in the correct order, simply upload the previously saved file in the right hand box and press Rename or, if you want to rename the files according to its episode names, press the Match button, select one from the TV series database and the program will load the episode names which can then be used to rename the files.

Alternatively you can simply head to the Episodes tab, enter the TV show name, specify the season, language, how you want the episodes to be ordered (DVD, Airdate or Absolute order), and press Find. Once the episodes list is generated, you can save it and use it to rename the video files the same way as before.

An added feature of the program is you can download subtitles by searching for them from the Subtitles tab while you can calculate or generate checksums for your files from the SFV tab.

Conclusion and Download Link

FileBot is a fairly simple program that could be of a great help for those who like to save lots of video or audio files and would like to organize them in a neat way. Think of it as a specialized bulk rename tool.

Price: Free

Version Reviewed: v3.0

Supported OS: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7

Requires Java

Download Size: 20MB (Portable)

VirusTotal Malware Scan Results: 0/34

Portability: Has a portable version

FileBot download page

[via Addictivetips]

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