Should dotTech start a “Best Free Windows Software” section? Let me know what you think

Hey dotTechies,

Last week Janet, a loyal reader, made a striking comment. She more or less questioned why dotTech would review anything but the best software in each category. I fired back that we like to provide our users with choice and that the “best” for someone may not be the “best” for someone else. However, Janet has a point — while we can continue to regularly review new programs, shouldn’t we have some way to indicate what we feel is *the* best in a specific category? You know, something like what we have already done for Android in Best Free Android Apps.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while and Janet’s comment has reignited the dream about dotTech having its own “Best Free Windows Software” section, similar to how we already do Best Free Android Apps. The kicker, however, is I’d like this new “Best Free Windows Software” section to be community-sourced. There is no way I alone can identify and review the best software across all categories. The advantage of having an active, knowledgeable, and diverse community is that everyone has their own interests and thus can bring something different to the table; different people may know more about a specific type of program and so they can provide us with what is the best in the that category. You know, sort of like what happens over at TechSupportAlert/Gizmo’s. So, I ask your opinion on the following:

  • Should dotTech start a “Best Free Windows Software” section?
  • Would you be able and willing to take charge of at least one program category (e.g. best free web browser) in this new section?

For those that are on the fence about if you can/will contribute or not: rest assured this isn’t very demanding in terms of time or energy. The initial work would be upfront writing an article (anywhere from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the software category); after that it is simply a matter of updating the article as you see fit (e.g. maybe once a month). This would be a voluntary position.

Please cast your vote in the poll below and leave a comment to let me know how you feel. If you know you can for sure assist dotTech on this endeavor, drop me an e-mail at admin [at] dottech [dot] org letting me know what category you want to be incharge of.

[polldaddy poll=6601809]

Thanks everyone!

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