New promo gives free 25 GB of online cloud storage to new users

2012 has seen offer various different promotions to entice users to pick its cloud storage/backup service over the competition, namely Dropbox and Google Drive. If you have not yet jumped on any of the previous promotions, there is another promo on the horizon courtesy of a partnership between and Slideshark, a developer of iOS apps.

As with the previous promotions, this new promo is available to new users only and comes with a 100 MB file size limit for individual files. Other features of this promo include the ability to use’s desktop program for sync and support for mobile devices.

While this promo is thanks to a partnership between and Slideshark, it does not appear that you need to download their iOS app to take advantage of this promo. Heck, you don’t even need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Anyone and everyone can take advantage of this promo by hitting up the link below. Take note you must register from the link below —’s regular free account page only offers 5GB. Enjoy! free 25 GB promo page

[Thanks PCbasics!]

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  • Ashraf

    @mikycomputers: Welcome!
    @stockel1949: Welcome!
    @mukhi: Same here. Then again, I don’t like much.
    @Anonymail: You are welcome!
    @AFPhys: Welcome!
    @GF: For life, I believe.
    @jipy: Welcome!

  • jipy


    Like you, my DropBox is too small and it was easy to sign up.

    @Ashraf: Thanks again

  • GF

    If a new user registers, how long will those 25 GB remain free?

  • AFPhys

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Anonymail

    Thank you! That is perfect! I was looking for a service to backup some very important files but my drop box was too small.
    Perfect timing! And a very easy sign up process!

  • mukhi

    i signed up last time for free 25 GB offer, and i forgot about this a/c, LOL. so far i don’t care much about cloud storage simply because of sucky connection here.

  • stockel1949

    Thank you !

  • Thanks for the heads up, GREAT offer.