Bitcasa is a new service that offers ‘infinite storage’ on the cloud


How much storage do you have on your cloud backup service? 40GB, 50GB? How does infinite sound? That’s what a new service, Bitcasa, is offering. Check out the video below!

So how much is infinite storage going to cost? Not so much, actually. This month, they’re offering a discounted fee of $10 per month or $69 per year. If you sign up later, it’ll cost you 99$ for a year. For never having to worry about running out of space again, it sounds like a pretty good deal to me, even if it isn’t free. If you’re interested, hit up the link below!

Bitcasa homepage

[via Bitcasa, Gizmodo]

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    Thanks for the info but I think I’ll pass on this company & offer at this time for the reasons I posted already. Having to rely on beta-testers for contact info is OK but I do consider my
    data (photos, manuscripts, etc) valuable & would hate to lose it through file corruption,theft,vandalism,carelessness,etc.

  • Tom

    @SQUIDLEY… you can submit a help request here:

    FWIW, I’ve been beta-testing Bitcasa since its earliest days. While I haven’t lost content, I don’t use the “infinite drive” for mission critical storage, however syncing and file sharing are low risk. Bitcasa’s 10GB free account is somewhat limiting (though it beats Dropbox), falling short of ADrive (50GB) Mediafire (50GB), and Box (25GB).

  • Bruce

    Carbonite is a longtime underwriter on NPR. Not that this is a testimonial to their technical abilities, but it does point to a bit of longevity.

  • Ashraf

    @David Roper: You make a very good argument to stay with the big dogs when it comes to cloud storage, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. (Dropbox is always a recent startup but it has been in the industry for years now.)

  • David Roper


    I agree with you, Ashraf. These upstarts without big money backing leave me cold when they announce it is not working and they close down. That’s the only reason I went with Gmail for email , and others with big backing.

  • Ashraf

    @David Roper: While I’m sure it is possible to use them interchangeably, from my understanding Carbonite is more of a “cloud backup” solution while Bitcasa is more of a “cloud storage to share with others” solution. Just my two cents. I could be wrong.


    Thought I’d give this a try & create an account. Then I tried to sign in – WRONG PASSOWORD. Tried the P/W recovery option. WRONG ANSWERS TO RECOVERY QUESTIONS. Looked for a contact website – ONLY FACEBOOK & TWITTER (which I DO NOT use).
    I’m NOT likely to trust these people with any of my data if they can’t even get the sign-up process working properly.
    Thanks anyway.

  • Enrique

    @David Roper: Just checked out the site. Looks good! It’s definitely cheaper too. But personally I’m not comfortable with storing most of my data or backups online.

  • David Roper


    Haven’t seen them on TV ads, but Kim Komando and Rush Limbaugh have them as sponsors and they don’t back a loser -oops that’s on RADIO the other communication medium.

  • Enrique

    @David Roper: No, not at all! Thanks for the heads up! I’ve never heard of Carbonite.

  • David Roper

    Sorry to be so negative but there’s already a product on the market called Carbonite and it’s less costly. Unlimited as well. Mention some Advertiser’s name and get a discount,