Microsoft Surface tablets are durable enough to be used as skateboards

With the combination of magnesium casing and Gorilla Glass 2, no one can deny Microsoft Surface tablets have an excellent physical build… despite the questionable price tag(s). Steven Sinofsky, the President of Windows and Windows Live at Microsoft, tweeted “couldn’t resist taking it out for a spin” with an accompanying photo of Sinofsky riding a Microsoft Surface tablet (it isn’t clear if it is the Windows RT or Windows 8 Pro version — likely Windows RT) like a freaking skateboard:

So that half-a-grand tablet can double as a skateboard. Cool. Now, the question remains — will it blend?

[via BGR]

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  • J.L.

    @shyam: Doesn’t say a lot indeed; excluding likely older model, definite lack of camera expertise, and obvious downsizing (+ quality control) for optimal Internet consumption.

    Why am I not bashing the iPhone? That’s because I never really specifically targeted it, but the parent company on the other hand is ripe for criticism.

  • shyam


    As i read somewhere They were taken using an Iphone

  • Damian

    I wonder if the photographs in the article were taken using a Surface tablet, if so, it doesn’t say a lot for the camera!