[Windows] Remove bloatware, toolbars, and other clutter with SlimComputer

Just because you got a new computer does not mean that it is running as fast as it could be. Starting the first day you boot up your computer, you’re already cluttered with toolbars, pre-installed programs you don’t need, and ads. Give your computer a fresh start, whether it is new or old, with SlimComputer.


Main Functionality

The idea behind SlimComputer is to remove things that you do not need from your computer — basically an uninstaller focused on bloatware. Make no mistake, however, this is not just your everyday uninstaller. It also helps you to turn off services, that you don’t need, to speed up your computer.

How do you know what can be uninstalled or turned off without hurting your computer? Community feedback and scores are used to determined if a program is needed or not.


  • Community feedback lets you know what can be safely removed and what can’t
  • Successfully uninstalls programs that other uninstallers couldn’t (on my PC, at least)
  • Helps improves boot up time with a start-up manager
  • Helps speed up your internet surfing with a browser add-on manager
  • Offers a restore feature to undo changes
  • Puts all of your Windows tools into one, easy-to-find location
  • Shows your current CPU and RAM usage
  • Provides excellent support with manuals, tutorial videos, and online member help


  • Program runs slow when too many ‘fixes’ are discovered at once
  • I had problems getting program to update
  • Relies on community feedback to determine whether a program can be removed or not. So, like any other crowd-sourced knowledge tool, there may be false positives.


At first glance, SlimComputer looks like your everyday, run of the mill uninstaller. However, after taking a closer look at it, you can see it does so much more. One of the best things about this program you will notice (at least I did) is an increase in the speed of your PC.

If your computer is new, this program will help you get rid of all the promo clutter that comes pre-installed (aka bloatware). It will also help you remove applications that you don’t want – such as toolbars, unwanted shortcuts, and so on. SlimComputer also lets you easily change what programs boot up when you start your computer. Yes, this is something that you can do without the help of this program, but it is a nice added feature.

Besides just being an uninstaller, SlimComputer also offers you tons of tweaks and optimizations. For example, you can turn off certain Windows services that you don’t need (all are community rated to help you decide) to boost your performance. SlimComputer also groups all of your Windows tools in one easy-to-find location.

One thing I really lovd about SlimComputer is the community-based scoring system. Each program that people have turned off or uninstalled is rated by real users like you. Thus, most programs you go to remove will be rated as either ‘Good’, ‘Optimal’, or ‘Warning’. This can really help novices make sure they don’t accidentally get rid of something that they need.

Now, let’s say that you do remove something that you need (hey, we all make mistakes). SlimComputer comes with a ‘restore’ function to help undo mistakes. If you make changes to your computer and something is not running right, you can simply ‘restore’ your settings and programs back to the way they used to be without having to remember what you changed.

In regards to cons, I did not run into many problems with this program. The ones I did find are minor. The first time I used it, SlimComputer found tons of ‘fixes’ for my PC… too many, in fact. It seemed like the fixes took longer than expected to complete due to their high volume. However, that problem was not noticed the second time running the program and, thus, it leads me to believe that the slow completion rate the first go around was because of how many fixes it was attempting to do. Also, I had a problem getting the program to update the first time. Although this was fixed by restarting the program and trying again, it is worth noting.


Yes, there are a lot of programs out there that can do the same thing as SlimComputer. However, I enjoyed the interface and community feedback that come with SlimComputer than with other programs. If you have tried other products that are similar to this and were not impressed, it may be worth your time to give SlimComputer a go.


Version reviewed: v1.3.21617

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Download size: 600KB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/43

Is it portable? No

SlimComputer hompage

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  1. John Blake

    Hi All, Justin- Thank you for all your hard work. I know you have good intentions.

    And, I’ve never had a problem following Ashraf’s recommendations. I trust him implicitly. Not so with Justin.

    So, I will not be reading Justin’s articles nor following his recommendations. Sorry

  2. Janet


    I agree with you–I use free apps for uninstalling the odd 64-bit app. But I use Revo for all 32-bit apps on my 64-bit OS. I just wanted to point out that it is not fair/accurate to say that “Revo free doesn’t work as well on 64 bit systems”. It works perfectly on 64-bit systems! It simply is not designed to uninstall 64-bit apps..:-)….

  3. Mags

    @Janet: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking Revo free. I still like it for 32 bit systems and still have it on mine. However, it is well known that Revo free doesn’t work as well on 64 bit systems.

    Why pay for something when I can get a free uninstaller that does just as good a job (or better) than Revo Pro.

  4. Mags

    @sl0j0n: Where do I begin. On a new pc “supposedly” Norton is not initially installed. It is up to the owner of the new pc to decide whether or not to install it. It is relatively easy to get rid of the install file. One does not need Revo to uninstall it as it does not get installed during the initial setup.

    BTW, just an aside note on Revo, it doesn’t work as well on 64 bit systems. Since I’m now using a 64 bit system I searched for another free uninstall program and found Advanced Uninstaller Pro. It used to be a commercial product, but is now free. I’ve found it to be better than Revo.

    The problem that I wrote about is what does get installed from Norton (without permission and hidden) during the initial setup of a new pc. Good techs know about this and generally know what to look for and get rid of them. Unfortunately Norton seems to be adding new ones lately and they are getting harder to find until suddenly you find them somewhere in a program or elsewhere on your pc. Revo did not find the FF add on, but Advanced uninstaller did, so I was able to uninstall the Norton VIP Access add on.

    Another point is that the VIP Access add on does not show that it is Norton, nor does any info show up that it is Norton. I only found out that it was Norton as I did a Google search to find out about it as I knew I hadn’t installed any such Add on.

  5. sl0j0n

    Hello, “Mags”.
    I haven’t tried it, because I haven’t used “Norton” since the late 90’s, but I *think* Revo, w/ its registry cleaning, might be able to find and remove any lingering “Norton” traces.
    In the past, “Norton” had provided “uninstall” & “removal” tools to get rid of those pesky ‘remnants’.
    Just a thought.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbor!

  6. Ed

    Why use junkware to remove bloatware?

    You want QUALITY and reputable software to do what SC does, use Glary Utilities.

    In my mind the author lists too many important cons in his article for me to even consider taking the time and wasting the space on my HD with this.

  7. Cat

    I’ve been using this for a while and if you have a new machine it is great for getting the bloat out. It does take a few minutes but to me it is worth it. When you install be sure to unclick the box to install that resource gobbling AVG, other wise you get the dreaded toolbar and everything else. I use this along with CrapCleaner and keep my machines clean. I do lots of downloading and testing so I run both a couple of time a week. I have no cons to mention at all. Thanks Ashraf and SlimComputer!

  8. Mags

    So far I’m liking this SW, but have a question.

    How good is it at getting rid of the preinstalled Norton?

    I have found that even after getting rid of it there is always something left over. Something that is always hidden and can’t be seen until suddenly you find it installed and you know you didn’t install yourself, and wasn’t installed during the initial setup.

    i.e. I had my tech guy get rid of Norton on my new pc (before I installed any thing else.) Once done I started installing my other SW.

    Later I discovered that after installing FF Norton had installed a VIP Access Add-on to it. No Idea where it came from, as both my tech guy and I had checked everything to make sure all traces of Norton had been removed.