Google Caffeine: Google has an under-the-hood makeover (again)

What looks like Google Web Search, is owned by Google, but isn’t Google Web Search? Google Caffeine web search!

Google is constantly improving their formulas for better searches. What Google Caffeine does is let the public try out these, well, different search results.


For the last several months, a large team of Googlers has been working on a secret project: a next-generation architecture for Google’s web search. It’s the first step in a process that will let us push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions. The new infrastructure sits “under the hood” of Google’s search engine, which means that most users won’t notice a difference in search results. But web developers and power searchers might notice a few differences, so we’re opening up a web developer preview to collect feedback.

Some parts of this system aren’t completely finished yet, so we’d welcome feedback on any issues you see.


One of the new changes about this currently-sandboxed search is it seems to more prominently show international results, as shown by the results for a quick “facebook” search:

Results 6-10 from a Google Caffeine search for “facebook”.

It’s not better, so much as different.

After a few test searches, if you want to help shape the course of Google search, look for a link at the bottom of the Caffeine search results saying, “Dissatisfied? Help us improve” and click it. Then just type in your dissatisfaction, if you have any, and as the official Google Webmaster Central site says, “include the word caffeine somewhere in the text box.”

In case you’re wondering what the future holds in searches, just hit up the link!

Happy searches!

[via Unofficial Google Blog via Google Webmaster Central]

[This article was contributed by Locutus to dotTech with very minor edits made by Ashraf.]

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