[Review] Streaming Video Recorder 2.0.1

Update: It seems GOTD has taken down Streaming Video Recorder (probably because of the trojan). Lets see what happens now.

Update2: Please note the trojan in today’s giveaway is not related to the new Software Informer client that comes with all giveaways now. The Software Informer client is clean (I know by personal experience and the fact that GOTD said so) but it is still annoying. The readings people got were false positives earlier. However the readings from today’s giveaway is NOT a false positive… the trojan is very real today.

Update3: I hate to say “I told you so” but I told you so. In one of my posts I did mention that malicious people would try to take advantage of GOTD because of the false positive readings, which have been fixed now, that occurred recently.

Update4: If you accidentally installed Streaming Video Recorder and SeekService follow these steps to clean up your computer and you should be fine:

1) Use RevoUninstaller to uninstall Streaming Video Recorder and SeekService (the trojan is most likely from SeekService and not Streaming Video Recorder but uninstall both until we can be 110% sure). Take note that they are two different programs so uninstall both. Use “Advanced” search for both and delete all leftovers found by Revo.

2) Restart your computer.

3) Search your computer for using the keyword “seekservice”. Look for “seekservice.exe” and “seekservice.dll”. Delete them and anything else with the bloody name seekservice (be sure to explore the folder that contains these files and delete everything in that folder). Be sure to empty them out of your recycle bin. For added protection using East-Tec Eraser 2008 to delete the files to hell is not a bad idea.

4) Scan your computer with your anti-virus and anti-malware protection software. If you have none download the ones I suggest in my Prevention, detection, and cure: 9 programs that will provide the best all-around security for you and your computer – for free thread.

Update5: It looks like GOTD updated their Streaming Video Recorder giveaway to not include the trojan “SeekService”. It should be fine to download now.

Update6: No! Still not fine to download! I just downloaded the updated version of Streaming Video Recorder “StreamingVideoRecorder_upd.zip” and Avira still detected a trojan while installing (even without “SeekService”). False positive? Maybe, I don’t know. However, since the original file was bundled with an offer to install “SeekService”, a confirmed trojan, one can see why my trust in this software has deteriorated. I am not about to trust this software on my computer. I advise people to still not download.


Unfortunately I was not informed of this giveaway beforehand so I was unable to prepare a review for it. I am not going to prepare a review now either because Avira detected a trojan while installing this file:


SiteAdvisor also lists the developer’s website as dangerous because they detected a trojan in streaming-video-recorder_322667_trial.exe.

The trojan is probably from “SeekService” (which you can and should opt out from):


I really can’t tell you of free alternatives since I had Avira block this program from installing (therefore not really sure what this program can do). However some may be able to use BB Flasback Express as a adhoc recorder since it is a video capture tool?

***I tried to post this comment on GOTD but I think it was deleted it is still waiting moderation despite the fact that four other comments have been posted.***

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  • Free Sound Recorder also installs the Seekservice as a Firefox addon. It wouldn’t allow me to delete it at first so I used the option in malwarebytes to delete locked files.

  • StreamingVideoRecorder

    Dear Ashraf,
    I hope you can download the new version from our site.
    I am sure it’s 100% clean.
    [Link removed by Ashraf. Reason: Not going to let you post the link until I am 100% sure it is clean… sorry.]
    Hope you can have review about this apps, I will offer you a free license with you mail address.

  • Marilyn Green

    I hope others are also supporting you with donations. The time you take to help all of us should have some renumeration to you. Let’s all get behind Ashraf and show him our appreciation.

  • I really appreciate your comments. My tech knowledge is limited and I often look at the percentages of thumbs up and thumbs down with GOTD. With today’s high percentage of thumbs up, in the past I would have gone ahead and downloaded the give away.

    After reading your comments, I decided against it.

  • Ashraf

    @mukhi: Avira is known for it’s false positives. Software from HP should be fine. However I recommend people to stay away from Streaming Video Recorder, even after the update, because if the developer was willing to include “SeekService” in their download I have no doubts they wouldn’t think twice about including a real trojan.

  • mukhi

    i use avira personal. for some of my software from HP, avira gives this sort of warning. does it necessarily mean that HP software can not be trusted and should be denied access? i am curious!
    another software of mine gets similar warning from avira, but norton stays silent in another computer.

  • Ashraf

    As I just said in my “Update6” the new updated version still triggers a trojan warning from Avira. I recommend people to stay away from this software.

  • Ashraf

    @Raomina: I agree!

  • Ashraf

    @Sputnik: Been trying with my freeware reviews and Tips ‘n Tricks =). Be sure to read them!

  • Ashraf

    @mario: That is because GOTD has now updated their giveaway to not include it.

  • gmon

    all I can do is laugh, this is just getting to be too funny.

  • Sputnik

    Thank you for the warning, Ashraf !

    If I may make a small suggestion to you now : the way the things are going on with GOTD, it would be a good thing for you to diversify your activities so if you have to stop talking about GOTD you will have something else to talk about…

  • mario

    I’ve installed it but there’s no SeekService anywhere!
    The only thing that showed up different is that Online Armor detected that several codecs were trying to install to open together with Windows launch, which was denied by me.

  • Raomina

    Isn’t the problem file StreamingVideoRecorder.exe? I don’t think that is part of SeekService because Avira detected the trojan on my computer even when I first installed it without SeekService. I tried to install the updated program and it still contained the trojan, so I guess the Streaming Video Recorder software itself is infected?

  • Mike

    Thanks for the info. and updates. It is bizarre to me what is going on. GAOTD is a trusted site that many rely on. Did it not know what it was doing? Did the software company slip something by GAOTD, at the last minute?

  • david roper

    Let’s see how many remember this popular phrase from the 60’s.
    “Oh, Lucy, You got some ‘splaining to do”.

    Now let’s bring it up to the 2009 version, okay?
    “Oh, GOTD, You got some ‘splaining to do”.

    …and GOTD, you haD BETTER explain it quickly while you still have customers to explain to at all.

  • Laurie Miller

    Thanks, Ashraf, you saved me a big hassle. And thanks, too, for taking the time to work out and post Update4, which would have saved me an even bigger hassle if I’d already installed the thing before checking here (which I would not do!).

  • Bob

    Avast did detect it already during download :-).
    As I trusted GAOTD I temporary paused Avast and installed the GAOTD but after re-enabling Avast right away the message about the virus in memory :-(.
    After a tough fight between Avast and Seekservice using a pre-boot scan Avast won but it took a lot of time.
    So Avast warns during download !

  • dougie

    Big thanks Ashraf. I always check into GAOTD and often download software from the site. I was seriously considering downloading this until I saw your post. Many thanks.

  • Ashraf

    @StreamingVideoRecorder: The reason VirusTotal found your Streaming Video Recorder to be clean is because the trojan you have in your software is related to “SeekService” (as far as I know) which is a third party software that is not detected by virus protection software until you try to install it.

    My suggestion would be to get rid of “SeekService” quickly.

  • StreamingVideoRecorder

    I see your comment on Giveaway,
    I don’t know how to contact with you.
    So I post the message here.
    About Streaming Video Recorder.

    SiteAdvisor report


    it’s a program lone time ago.
    We have release new Streaming Video Recorder version.

    [Link removed by Ashraf. Reason: Like hell I am going to let you post a link to a download file that has malicious crap in it. I don’t care if SiteAdvisor renewed their ratings after you released a version or not. Your software (and/or third party software that comes with your software) has a trojan in it – my own personal antivirus detected it.]

    but the SiteAdvisor did’t renew it.
    The virus report.

    Looking forward to your reply!

  • Degsy

    Seekservice confirmed by Avast (and others i hope) – also a great service has been badly tainted by the decision to team up with Software Informer.

  • Jeanjean

    Thank you for the warning!