Free Mamutu Malware Blocker!

Gizmo’s is on a role. This is a third freebie in what one week? Mamutu Malware Blocker is a behavior blocker tool by EMSI Software, the developer of a-squared Anti-Malware. To be honest I personally don’t know how good or bad Mamutu is but from this description…

Behavior blockers detect malware not from their signature but by their actions. That is, they look at what programs on your PC are actually doing and will raise an alarm if that behavior is typical of malware activity.

Because behavior blockers don’t use signatures they can detect new threats not yet in your anti-virus program’s signature database. These new, so called zero-day threats are becoming increasingly common. That’s why a behavior blocker is the perfect companion to a signature based anti-virus program.

…it seems Mamutu does the same thing as the always-free, and one of my favorite security software, Threatfire.

If you are interested in Mamutu Malware Blocker visit Please take note of the disclaimer:

This exclusive offer expires on 11.59 PM USA PST, Monday August 24, 2009, so go grab it while you can.

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