Disney buys LucasArts, promises Star Wars Episode Seven movie by 2015 (!)

Ever wish there were more Star Wars movies? I have. If you have too, then your wishes and mine have just been granted. Disney has just purchased LucasArts, the company of the founder of Star Wars, George Lucas, and the owner of the Star Wars franchise, for $4.05 billion. With the purchase, obviously, comes the rights to and ownership of the Star Wars franchise, from the movies to the cartoons to the t-shirts to the action figures and everything in between. Why did Disney drop $4.05 billion for a seemingly dead franchise? Because Disney plans on making money by releasing new Star Wars films.

As part of its announcement regarding the purchase of LucasArts, Disney has pledged to release Star Wars Episode Seven by 2015. Episode Seven will be followed up by one new Star Wars movie every two to three years; Episode Eight and Episode Nine are already on the tablet.

2015 may seem like a long time away but seeing as the last Star Wars movie was in 2005, waiting a few more years won’t hurt. Let’s just hope Disney doesn’t ruin the epic series. Then again, it is hard to ruin Star Wars for me — just show me the Jedi.

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  • Mike

    It’s so interesting as to what makes a movie a success. So often, it comes to the relationships and interpersonal connections between characters–even brief ones can add immeasurably (e.g. in the Die Hard series). Star Wars 4-6 had it; Star Wars 1-3 didn’t but instead seemed an orgy of violence and almost non-stop action, without more and that special connection between characters.

  • RealBull

    I remember I liked Star Wars as a kid, but as I got older it was just too campy and childish for me. I realized it wasn’t such a good movie series, so I don’t care about what happens to it… that is just my opinion. I read that Lucas himself wondered why people liked it and said he just makes it because people like it. In other words he doesn’t care about it himself.
    Anyway, to the Star Wars fans, maybe you should wait and see what Disney will do with it and then judge from there. Since Lucas didn’t care about the series and Disney obviously does, maybe it will be a good change for the series.
    As for me, Star Trek 4 ever… :)

  • Brody

    It’s official, Lucas sold out. To the House of Mouse? It’s almost obscene.

  • Shava Nerad

    Disney doesn’t believe in anything that can’t be packaged in a blister pack — so count on more Jar-Jar and less Jedi Code.

    That was the direction the last three movies were moving anyway, but it’s sad to think that’s the way the final trilogy, as sketched out by Lucas’ notes, will be executed (by either sense of the word) by their new owners.

    Leia Organa, Disney Princess. I weep. My blood runs cold, my memory has just been sold…