Amazing photo of a monk sharing his lunch with a tiger [Amazing Photo of the Day]

We have seen animals before on dotTech’s Amazing Photo of the Day; in fact, we have seen plenty of animals. We have even seen animals on animal action, such as the case of elephant scaring the crap out of lions. We have not, however, yet seen a harmonious photo of animals and humans together. Well today I have somewhat of a treat for you.

The following photo is of a monk in the Tiger Temple of Kanchanaburi, Thailand; as you may notice, he is sharing his meal (lunch, I presume based on the time of the day), with a tiger:


(P.S. Anyone that wants a high resolution [1920×1080] version of the photo can purchase it for $2.99 from the credit link below.)

[Image credit: Wojtek Kalka]

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