Amazing photo of a monk sharing his lunch with a tiger [Amazing Photo of the Day]

We have seen animals before on dotTech’s Amazing Photo of the Day; in fact, we have seen plenty of animals. We have even seen animals on animal action, such as the case of elephant scaring the crap out of lions. We have not, however, yet seen a harmonious photo of animals and humans together. Well today I have somewhat of a treat for you.

The following photo is of a monk in the Tiger Temple of Kanchanaburi, Thailand; as you may notice, he is sharing his meal (lunch, I presume based on the time of the day), with a tiger:


(P.S. Anyone that wants a high resolution [1920×1080] version of the photo can purchase it for $2.99 from the credit link below.)

[Image credit: Wojtek Kalka]

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  • Eric989

    I never really understood how stuff like this was possible, especially in the situation presented in the Born Free series of movies with Elsa the lion. I don’t understand how you wouldn’t get severe injuries on a daily basis.
    I own several cats and they all get frisky and will jump out and attack me. They want me to pet them but if I pet them too long they will bite or claw me. One of my cats loves being petted so much that they will chase me and attack me when I quit petting them. I very rarely get through a week without blood being drawn multiple times. These cats love me and are domesticated but they still hurt me. How much more dangerous would a wild animal like a tiger or lion be? No matter how tame they were, they could easily inflict serious injuries just by playing with you. I mean even if they just sheathed their claws on you for a few seconds, they would do significant damage and leave lasting scars.
    Possibly they would somewhat understand that they can hurt you and might treat you gentler just like they play differently with their cubs than they do with each other but they would still be dangerous.
    @D P Rangan: I thought the bridge on the river Kwai was blown up despite Obi Wan’s objections! LOL I can’t remember if that movie was supposed to be a true story or not.

  • D P Rangan

    This must be from the Tiger Temple, a monastry near Kanchanapuri in Thailand. Famous bridge on river Kwai is also nearby. I have visited it and taken numerous photos. I do not know how to post it at this site. Ashraf if you tell me I can send you some photos which you will definitely publish.

    Rangan D P

  • Tom

    Yes… that’s the “appetizer”…. but the “main course” awaits on the stump.

  • Mike

    @Geert: In harmony, yes; together, no. Wild is wild, and human beings need to remember that.

  • I’m simply very jealous about the guy being able to get so close to those majestic creatures, my favourite animals!!!
    This picture made my day and shows once more that people can live in harmony with wild animals!
    Great photo…

  • I thought tigers in the wild killed their prey.

  • Anonymail

    Gorgeous pic!

  • Now that made my day!
    Thank you for these daily pics Ashraf. Very, very nice.

  • riya

    Looking at the pic, I wished our world was really in peace and harmonious… just like those two.

  • Eric989

    That looks exactly like the bowl I feed my cats out of. Maybe this is a picture of a monk trying to steal food from a tiger. LOL Actually it looks like their water bowl and not their food bowls.