Does Google Play Store or Apple App Store have more apps? Both are tied at 700,000 (!)

Until now, Apple App Store has always had the lead on Android when it comes to apps (which include games and other apps). Sure some may question the quality of all those thousands of apps, but in pure numbers iOS has had the lead over Android. Due to Android’s explosive growth over the past two years, that lead has more or less diminished.

According to Bloomberg, Google has said Android has “around 700,000 apps” in Play Store. Last week Apple announced App Store has “more than 700,000 apps”. So the only difference between Play Store and App Store, in terms of apps, are the words “around” and “more than”.

Actually that isn’t the only difference.

While in total Play Store and App Store may have roughly the same amount of apps, App Store has more tablet-optimized apps than Android. We know there are over 250,000 iPad optimized apps on App Store and while Google doesn’t reveal how many Android apps are tablet optimized, any Android user with a tablet knows the answer is: not many.

In case anyone is curious, Windows Phone Store has 120,000 apps.

[via Bloomberg, image via Glen]

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