How to make a video go viral online [Parody]

Want to know the secrets of how to make your video go viral on the internets? Don’t worry, I may have the answer you are looking for. All the secrets to going viral with your home video are dished out in the following video, by a new tech firm named Buyral. And let me tell you — it isn’t unique ideas, good acting, or hard work. Check it out:

So are you ready to make your video go viral? Buyral has cheap rates starting at $11.99 for 250,000 views and ending at $59.99 for 25,000,000 views; take advantage of them now.

…LMAO! Okay, obviously the above video is not serious and you cannot really purchase 25,000,000 views for $59.99. Buyral is actually a clever parody created by John St, an marketing consulting company. They are using it as a way to get exposure to their firm (duh). In fact, if you head over to (the homepage for Buyral) and click on one of the “add to cart” buttons, you are prompted to send an e-mail to John St. My guess is, if you send the e-mail, they will e-mail you back with how their company can help market your brand, including realistic ways to make viral videos.

[via Mashable]

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