No reviews for screensavers


Some people may come to PMnet to look for reviews on screensavers that are given out by GOTD. So, I thought it might be productive to inform my readers that I do not post reviews on screensavers. The reason for this is that I do not think any amount of words can fully explain a screensaver – you have to see it for yourself. Not to mention I do not even download the screensavers because I think they are a waste of time and energy, haha.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


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  • GAOTD Lover

    My screensavers are actually bright + colorful.
    I don’t save the earth!

  • Dude, Stephen visits (visited) my blog. I am honored. No sarcasm intended.

    Anyway, on topic: I have no doubt that there are excellent screensavers out there that very aesthetically pleasing and I truly appreciate that you think I could successfully post some sort of reviews on screensavers, but in all honesty, I really think the cliche “A picture is worth a thousand words” fits here.

    It may be that I am a visual learner, but I do not think someone can appreciate the true value of a screensaver without actually seeing it for himself. Now I could just comment on the aspects of the screensavers, like you mentioned, such as if it is 2D or 3D, if it has any bugs, if it works/registers correctly to give a surface level understanding of the screensaver to help a person make a decision if he wants to give that screensaver or not. That is something I shall consider come next screensaver :)

    As for my view on screensavers in general…thats not about to change, haha. :D Save the Earth, use less electricity! Not that I am a environmentalist or anything, but ya, its a nice argument no? :D

  • Whiterabbit aka Stephen

    That’s such a shame Ashraf,

    Screensavers have a quality all of their own, which I know from communicating with several people, are used mainly for relaxation and meditation. You could slant your reviews in this vein if you were to ever reconsider reviewing screensavers.

    I’m one of those who love screensavers, and because I usually have at least two computers running at any one time it’s inevitable that I’m going to be seeing a screensaver at some point in the day; which I always find comforting. There’s a whole plethora of screensavers available, some of which are rubbish, many are mediocre but some are actually fantastic works of art that deserve to be advertised as such.

    For example I use one particular screensaver called Aquazone and Aquazone 2, both are fish screensavers, but these are amongst the best you can buy. For example the Aquazone 2 environments are massive 3D environments where you can either have a free roaming camera wandering around in the ocean zooming in on particular species of fish, mammal’s gastropods and elasmobranches, or see through the eyes of an imaginary fish. Environments include very authentic looking arctic oceans, coral reefs, the Amazonian river basin and more. Then there’s another brilliant screensaver called G-Force, which is primarily visualizations software for most media players, but if you buy the platinum edition you get a screensaver option as well. Many big bands are now using this program for their stage shows.

    Then there are some brilliant examples from the giveaway project such as the Mechanical Clock and the Ancient Castle screensavers, both of which are beautifully executed.

    Still, you call the shots here. ;)