Google and Bing autocomplete show how much people dislike Windows 8

Google and Bing both have an ‘autocomplete’ feature that attempts to predict what you want to search for. The predictions provided by Google and Bing depend on two factors: what other users searched for and your past search history, if you are logged in. If you head over to Google or Bing and search for ‘Windows 8 is ‘ (without the quotes — make sure to have the space at the end; make sure you aren’t logged in), you will get some not-so-flattering suggestions.

As you can see in the above screenshots, both Google and Bing are providing overwhelmingly negative autocomplete suggestions for the statement ‘Windows 8 is ‘. Because autocomplete suggestions are based on popular search queries by other Google/Bing users, this provides us some insights on what other people are thinking about Windows 8. And it clearly isn’t pretty.

Of course, autocomplete suggestions are regularly changing and this is not a scientific method to gauge how people feel about Windows 8. However, while it may be informal, it surely is informative. Microsoft, you have a steep hill to climb to change people’s minds. Best of luck.

[via TNW]

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