Can you guess what gifts kids want this holiday season? Apple products!

See the chart above? It is the result of data gathered by a Nielsen survey (USA survey). See the top five items? Four out of the five are Apple products  Yes, you heard that right. Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and iPad Mini are four out of the five top products desired by American kids, with the iPad topping the list with a whopping 48%.

Nintendo’s newly launched Wii U is the only non-Apple device in the top 5, with other Nintendo products having a significant presence on the chart. Unsurprisingly, the chart is dominated by devices that are either dedicated to gaming, or, in the case of Apple’s products, have a very good selection of games available.

Another interesting thing to note is that kids seem to want an iPhone much more than phones made by other manufacturers. Phones that aren’t the iPhone are either sitting at or below the 20% mark while the iPhone sits comfortably in the 5th spot. Again, this is probably due to the iPhone being a capable gaming device with a large catalogue to choose from, as that is probably a big deal for kids these days, but the iPhone is more desired than a computer so gaming cannot be the only reason.

Oh, and 4% of these kids want an Apple TV. Those kids must be pretty awesome.

[via BGR, Nielsen]

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  • mukhi

    the world of delusion…

  • Peter

    Thank God, the article at starts with “When it comes to devices, kids’ holiday wish lists are simple this year.”.
    I would have been deeply disappointed otherwise: no pony, nopuppy, no toys except electronic ones.