Free Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Professional Edition (limited time offer so hurry)!

Update: This promo has ended! If you missed it be sure to read my posts on 7 free software to image/backup/ghost your computer (free alternatives to Acronis True Image, Norton Ghost, etc.) and EASEUS Todo Backup for freeware image backup alternatives and GFI Backup for a freeware file backup alternative.

It looks like Paragon is very aggressive about marketing their products. Not only have they increased the frequency of their products on Giveaway of the Day, but is also getting in on the action. For a limited time, until midnight August 28, 2009 BST (British Summer Time) you can grab Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Professional Edition for free!

For those dotTechies that grabbed this software from GOTD, don’t bother with this new offer because it is of the same exact software (in fact you will notice “GAOTD” mentioned in the registration e-mail from Paragon). For those dotTechies that do not have this software, this is your chance to get it; the download size is 87.7 MB but it is well worth the download if you do not have backup software (image or file since this software does both) already. If you happen to again miss out on this software, feel free to check out my post on 7 free software to image/backup/ghost your computer (free alternatives to Acronis True Image, Norton Ghost, etc.) and EASEUS Todo Backup for freeware image backup alternatives and GFI Backup for freeware file backup alternative.

Before I tell you how to get it, here is what this program can do:

Key & New Features

  • Supports USB-sticks (with MBR only)
  • Backup a separate partition or an entire disk including the service data of the file system
  • Paragon Hot Backup technology allows you to create backup image without restarting Windows
  • Create and manage the backup capsule – a special secured place on the hard disk where backup archives are stored
  • Boot the computer directly from your dual boot Backup Capsule, choose your recovery environment and perform Restore operations in case of an OS Crash, corruption or boot problems
  • Backup to any media, including USB and Firewire devices
  • Back up only the specific files and folders you choose rather than an entire drive
  • Create incremental file archives for backup images of separate partitions or a file-level backup to keep only necessary changes
  • Exclude files and folders such as music, movies, or pictures from a backup to reduce the final image size
  • Updated! Restore a partition, an entire disk, or separate files and folders from the backup archive
  • Restore Windows Vista to completely different hardware or even to a virtual machine
  • Restore with Shrink function provides the possibility to restore a backup image to a free block of smaller size taking into account only the amount of actual data of the image
  • Build external recovery media on flash memory and get all recovery features in the program on a compact, reliable and fast device
  • User friendly interface with easy to understand icons and wizards accompany all functions of the program
  • Virtually previewing the resulting layout of hard disks before actually executing operations
  • Archive database to manage backup images easily – get properties, add, delete, etc
  • Schedule your backup – set a convenient time and perform perform operations automatically
  • Task List to easily manage scheduled operations (enable/disable, rename, delete, refresh or modify)
  • Use the Shutdown After Apply function for an automatic switch off after the successful completion of scheduled operations
  • Describe archives with comment feature
  • Basic functions for initializing, partitioning and formatting hard disks
  • Copy Partition/Hard Disk Wizards transfer all on-disk information, maintaining the operating system’s working integrity
  • Incremental Copy Option speeds up your cloning process by copying only the sectors that have been changed from the last copy action
  • Easy-to-use One Button Copy Wizard  clone your hard disks with a press of a button.
  • Recover accidentally deleted partitions with the Undelete Partition Wizard
  • Mount archives from separate partitions to easily browse their contents and copy information using standard Windows tools
  • Volume Explorer utility allows the user to browse and export contents of local mounted/unmounted volumes of any file system as well as Paragon backups
  • Compatible with GPT hard disk partitioning scheme developed to lift MBR restrictions
  • Compatible with Apple Boot Camp configuration
  • Blu-Ray Disc Support
  • Windows Vista 32 – and 64-bit compatible

Basic Backup Features

  • Backup an entire hard disk
  • Backup a separate partition
  • Backup all kinds of partitions: primary, extended, logical
  • Backup dynamic volumes
  • Backup the first track of a hard disk
  • Backup the MBR
  • Backup a combination of disks and partitions to one archive or several disks and partitions at the same time
  • Backup individual files and folders
  • Schedule backup operations
  • Save backup images to local drives
  • Save backup image to Backup Capsule
  • Save backup image to external USB or Firewire devices
  • Save backup images to networks
  • Burn a backup archive to CD/DVD/BD’s or write them to ISO-image files to burn later
  • Compress backup images
  • Set archive names and add comments
  • Interrupt backup operations if necessary
  • Supports USB 2.0 hard drives

Basic Recovery Features

  • Restore an entire hard disk, separate partition (primary, extended, logical), dynamic volume or any combination of disks, partitions etc from one archive
  • Restore individual files and folders from file-level backup
  • Bare-metal restore
  • Restore the first track of a hard disk
  • Restore the MBR
  • Browse backup images by Volume Explorer
  • Restore individual files and folders from file- level backups with the File Transfer Wizard

User Interface Features

  • Wizard driven User Interface
  • Contextual Help for all User Interface controls
  • Virtual operations
  • Wizards for the majority of operations
  • Built-in Volume Explorer
  • Embedded HTML browser with navigation through toolbars and menus
  • Contextual operations
  • Displays hard disk configuration in graphic form with Disk View
  • Displays all disk and partition properties – total size, size of used and free space, partition types, file systems etc
  • Displays estimated archive size
  • Displays operation progress in graphic form and step by step
  • Displays archive information

Hard Disk Copy Features

  • Copy an entire hard disk to another hard disk or a different size
  • Copy a specified partition to free unassigned area of a different size.
  • Automatically expand/shrink a disk or partition
  • Hot Copy
  • Schedule Copy operations
  • Supports USB 2.0 hard drives

Advanced Backup/Recovery Features

  • Supports of two Hot Backup technologies (Paragon Hot Processing/ Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service)
  • Hot Backup of locked partitions
  • Differential Backup
  • Incremental File Backup
  • Exclude files and folders during backup
  • Compress/Re-compress/De-compress existing archives
  • Encrypt/Re-encrypt/De-encrypt existing archives, and change a password
  • Save backup archives to physical partitions (without assigned drive letters)
  • Create/Resize/Delete the Backup Capsule
  • Create bootable archives on CD/DVDs
  • Resize while restoring
  • Mount partitions automatically after restoring
  • Check archive integrity when creating archives
  • Check archive integrity of existing archives
  • Check existing Recovery Media
  • Check existing bootable archives
  • Burn existing archives to CD/DVD/BDs
  • Reboot to Windows Blue Screen Module (Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista) or special recovery environment (Windows XP/Vista 64-bit), when backing up locked partitions


  • Set types of scheduling – Once/At system startup/At logon/Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • Specify a user name and password for scheduled tasks
  • Set a date and time of scheduled backup
  • Manage scheduled tasks by Scheduled Tasks Editor

Basic Partitioning Features

  • Create partitions
  • Format partitions
  • Delete partitions
  • Assign/Remove drive letters
  • Hide/Unhide partitions
  • Mark a partition as Active/Inactive
  • Reorder primary partitions (change slots)
  • Change partition volume labels
  • Change partition serial numbers
  • Change partition IDs
  • Update the MBR
  • Change the SID
  • Check file system integrity
  • Test surface
  • Supports USB 2.0 hard drives

Program Settings

  • Disable/Enable Hot Backup (always or only when a partition is locked)
  • Process all sectors one by one or do not process unused sectors (both for backup and copy operations)
  • Skip auxiliary files (pagefile.sys, hyberfil.sys)
  • Skip backup images stored in archive database
  • Exclude files and folders matching defined mask during backup
  • Control archive integrity
  • Compress backup images (No/Fast/Normal/Best)
  • Encrypt and protect backup images by password
  • Split backup images (set split size)
  • Set burning speed (Maximum/Medium/Minimum/Automatic selection)
  • Set options for bootable archives
  • Specify a bootable part for bootable archives
  • Set image file names automatically
  • E-mail notification options (SMTP server, user name, password)
  • Virtual mode options (enabled/disabled)
  • Enable 64KB clusters for FAT16
  • Convert FAT16 to FAT32 automatically when copying (if resizing upwards is needed)
  • Set surface test levels (None/Normal/Extreme)

Supplementary Tools

  • Recovery Media Builder builds a bootable “recovery media” in case of unbootable system
  • Check Recovery Discs: checks the recovery media for integrity and boot ability
  • Recovery CD: a powerful tool to  access all functions of Drive Backup in case of an unbootable system
  • View Logs: view in-depth information about any operation carried out by the program

To get Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Professional Edition, follow these steps:

***NOTE: While Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Professional Edition does officially support 64-bit, the download from does not. The “official word” from Paragon is as follows: “Sorry but there is no 64bit special version yet available. Possibly next time we will share 64bit version. Again we are sorry.” Thanks Mike!


  • After you finish downloading, install it. During installation you should see this window:


  • Click on “Get Free Serial”. The registration website should open in your default web browser asking you to fill out a short form:


Fill it out and hit “Submit”. Paragon does not spam but if you want feel free to make use of Mailinator, 10MinuteMail, or Trashmail anti-spam services. You should get a confirmation message after you hit “Submit”:


  • Check your e-mail for an e-mail from “ <>” with the subject of “Your Product Registration for Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Professional Edition GAOTD (English)”. In the e-mail there will your registration information:


  • Copy and paste the registration information back in the installer window, finish installing, and restart your computer.
  • Enjoy!

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  • Janet


    Yes indeed–It’s just a matter of time until GOTD will have it again….:-)….!

  • FreebieHound

    “For a limited time, until midnight August 28, 2009 BST (British Summer Time) you can grab Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Professional Edition for free!”

    Well Sports fans, I missed it by an hour or so. Tried on August 28, 2009 at 20:30 EDT

    Seems the download link died. “Page not found”
    I emailed them right then and there, but no reply so far.

    Is there any hope for me? Please?

  • Dino

    @Dino: Correction – It does NOT provide access to the downloads such as the WinPE recovery image or the BartPE plug-in.

  • Dino

    Note, it appears registration of this version will provide you access to any of the downloads such as the WinPE recovery image or the BartPE plug-in.

  • @MikeR: Hang in there MR.

    For their partition Mgr. It took me 3.5hours just to get on the server, then 4.5hours to download the program.

    I don’t have a screamer, but I usually do 122mg in ’bout 15minutes, I think the darn server was workin’ overtime, cuz I was only getting it at 9kb avereage, with a 6 to 19kb range.

    With the Bk up Mgr, I saw it here on dot tech, ’bout 11:40pm edt the 25th, clicked over to vunet got right on, started the 87mg DL, still took 24″ cuz It was only feeding me at a 50 to 60kb rate.

    That was much better, but after the Partition Mgr experience I thought …….

    “I don’t know if I’ll ever go Christmas shoppin’ with the world again”

  • Mike


    The word back from Paragon is that the free version is limited to 32-bit: “Sorry but there is no 64bit special version yet available. Possibly next time we will share 64bit version. Again we are sorry.”

    64-bitters, unite!

  • MikeR

    Seems to be about as much chance of downloading this from vunet site as of bicycling to the moon. . .

  • amnesia

    Not 100% sure, but I would guess you need to get the registration code
    by the 28th or you miss out.

  • Dino

    Question 1: Does anyone know if the registration request needs to be requested by August 28?

    Question 2: Does the registration code need to be entered into the installation by August 28th?

    Question 3: Can the code received by email be installed on more than 1 machine?

    The reason I ask is that I am traveling and downloading this on a family PC. But I want to install in on my home PC and I won’t be home until after the 28th.

  • Ashraf

    @Janet: I can’t know for sure until I install the trial version which I may get to later today but if it is not promoting you to buy the software and telling you you have X amount of days left it is probably registered.

  • Janet

    Sorry to be posting again, but I didn’t get an answer….:-(….

    How can I be certain the program is registered? ‘About’ doesn’t seem to make any reference to registration like it usually does in other programs…..

  • Ashraf

    @Bonnie Domeny: Probably because it is a one-time only download for my “free trial” I tried to register for LOL!

  • I’ve attempted to download from the link you gave for the 64 bit version, but got a 403 forbidden.

    I tweeted the software company and will let you know if/when they respond.

    Thank you for the heads up!

  • Mike

    Likewise, would be great if there was a way to obtain a 64-bit version, if it’s available (and thanks, Dave for saving me from downloading an incompatible 32-bit version!) …

  • Bobb11

    @Bobb11: I may have found the “problem”…
    I set up a “free” email account at “AOL”, used a fake name, and it worked. I got an email from Paragon within 1 (ONE) minute. The other email addresses I was using end in “.tv” instead of “.com”….I wonder if their system is not set up to recognize “.tv” as a valid email address??
    Has anyone else had problems with “.tv” email addresses?

  • RePete

    Thank you very much…

  • Bobb11

    Hi Ashraf,
    My first time posting to your message board. Thanks for all your great reviews/suggestions.
    I seem to not get any email from Paragon with serial number information. Last time they gave Partition Manager, I had the same problem, and finally just quit trying to install it. Just wondering if any of your other visitors are having the same problems getting email from them.
    I tried 3 different email addresses with the same results.
    Anyone have any suggestions?


  • Dan

    Appears their server is hosed/overloaded….

  • Hi! Ashraf

    Before PDB9Pro became available I used Macrium Reflect 4.2 free.

    Would it be correct to say that, that, Back Up (MR4.2F) would not be recognized by PDB9PRO, and vice versa?


  • Janet

    How can I be certain my GAOTD version is registered? ‘About’ doesn’t seem to make any reference to registration.

  • Shankar

    Dear Ashraf

    Please tell me which of paragon product/s allow multiple OS and its limitations.

  • Ashraf

    @RobCr: Yes they can be installed at the sametime. A lot of Paragon products overlap in features so you may not need them all installed.

    @Farrukh: Wasalam. As I said in my post… there is no difference =P. As far as I know yes it can be an alternative to Norton Ghost.

    @JJSlider: This Drive Backup has a extra features the Partition Manager backup feature does not (such as the ability to do file backups); however I think the Partition Manager backup feature had enough image backing up features so that I wouldn’t grab both if it were me.

    @Dave: I honestly don’t know Dave. It should support 64-bit. Try asking Paragon at

    EDIT: @Dave: Can you try to download and see if it works? As per the e-mail I got from Paragon that is the 64-bit installer. However take note that it will not include the button to get the free serial code… you need that from’s file. I will update instructions if you can confirm to me that works on 64-bit w/ the serial code.

  • Dave

    When I try to run the installer, it says “OS not supported”. I’m running Vista Home Premium 64.

    In your post, you said that this supports Vista 64. Is there another installer for the 64 bit version?

  • If you already have Paragon Partition Manager, is there any real need for this software? Or does this have something the other doesn’t?

  • AOA Ashraf,
    I already have Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Professional Edition GAOTD (English). So what’s the big difference between these two?

    And can it be an alternative to Norton Ghost?

    And I

    Best regards

  • RobCr

    Hi Ashraf,
    Their multitude of products and versions confuses me. EG –
    Partiton mgrs vs HD thingy’s
    Versions 9 9.5 2009
    Can the different products all be installed at the same time (be present in the pc at the same time) ?
    (Of course, I don’t mean have different versions of a product with the exact same name.)
    It would be great if they, or someone, had a comparison table of all their products.

  • Thank You Ashraf,
    Backup9Pro is in the bank, and download went a lot quicker.