Refrigerator gets banned for looking like the iPad [Comic]

Although Apple has some legitimate patent related claims, the absurdity of some of its other claims are a foregone conclusion. Aside from the most diehard Apple fanboys, most people will agree Apple asserting intellectual property claims over things like rounded corners is just plain stupid. So how about Apple claiming a fridge looks like an iPad? Check it out:


[via Manu Cornet]

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  • kevbo

    I like it, funny!
    I just hope this doesn’t give them any fresh ideas. (I use the term ‘fresh ideas’ loosely, when it comes to Apple!)

  • riya

    OMG!! This is hilarious!!! I hope the crazy apple lawyers don’t see this comic or else they’ll banned all fridges too. Thanks for finding the comic and also the genius behind the comic ;D

  • chuck

    It would be funny if it weren’t so sadly true.
    The USPTO should be turned upside down,all the bearocratic crap shook out of it,and then placed right side up,and refilled with common sense.
    David-I couldn’t agree more.This decision seems to be a good start in the common sense direction.Maybe we need an IWolf!?

  • David_ATL

    You know it has to be a Samsung Smart Fridge!

    SO glad the US Patent & Trade Office has found Apple’s ‘949 patent to be invalid. Hope that sticks all the way through the review process and all of their frivolous lawsuits are dismissed painfully one by one.

  • Mayank

    And the Fridge company would now have to pay Apple millions of dollars for this…

    I would like to know the fridge company’s name… :P :P

  • yetisouth

    Yes, they really are that stupid. I wish Apple had the guts to compete in the market place, instead of the court room.

  • Brent

    HA HA. Love it…