IDC report shows Samsung and Apple leading the way in smart device market

Research firm IDC has released their quarterly “Worldwide Smart Connected Device Market” report, which is a ranking that is tailored to the more mobile-centric computing industry we have today. The results of Q3 2012 aren’t quite surprising with the arguably 2 current biggest names in the game, Apple and Samsung, taking top honors in their own ways.

A quick glance at the chart and you might come to the conclusion, “Samsung wins!” But further examination of the data shows that Apple may be simply playing another game. While Samsung handily leads in terms of shipment volume, Apple leads the pack when it comes to value. According to Ryan Keith, IDC analyst, “The fact that Apple’s [average selling price] is $310 higher than Samsung’s with just over 20 million fewer shipments in the quarter speaks volumes about the premium product line that Apple sells.” Long story short, Samsung sells more but Apple profits more from each device sold.

Another interesting fact you’ll notice in the charts is the ever-waning popularity of the traditional desktop PC in the face of the recent shift to more mobile computing methods. HP, a company whose product line is still mainly focused on desktops and laptops, has seen its share dropped from 7.4% percent in last year’s 3Q11 to an even lower 4.6% in this year’s. The IDC describes them as “virtually non-existent in the mobile space.”

With the industry trending towards mobile, you really have to wonder. Where will the traditional desktop stand in the years to come? All the innovation in mobile is great, but I think there always be a place for the old desktop. Can you see yourself only using your mobile phone and tablet in the future? Let us know in the comments!


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  • clockmendergb

    Thats the problem .
    there will be several choices of different systems.
    If we are lucky we will choose the one that wins out.
    If not we throw more money away.

    I heard somebody on television mention al a carte menus for cable ,somewhat in line with netflix,
    I like that idea.
    as at the moment we are paying for many channels that we do not need
    who needs fox Seattle if you live in New York for example

    who needs Spanish channels if you only speak English or vis a versa

    As a Brit I would love to get BBC news without having to pay for a package

    I know if i paid less for useless channels I would be more inclined to pay for film channels.

    Any way nice conversation
    just dreaming here

  • Enrique

    @clockmendergb: I like your idea as well. The good news is since we won’t see only one effort to dominate the household, the infrastructure you’re looking for could very well be one of those choices!

  • clockmendergb

    Thanks for the reply Enrique .

    I like the server idea because I would keep control of my information.
    I Checked out Neverware and I can see the similarities.
    I was thinking the screen would be the television as well but you are right.
    Problem with this is its like cable .
    You would be paying for some company to supply the service.
    I do not really see a long term future for these contract monthly fee situations as the masses are losing more and more of their disposable income and becoming less and less able to pay for this stuff.

    I am seeing a new house built with the infrastructure built in that the house owner could buy and control just as we do a desktop.
    You could add paid services to enhance the system like internet and cable if required but without being tied in.

    It just needs a government with balls to allow open competition and give us the power to pay per use to the consumer.

    Sadly I think you are right .
    there will be no open standard and it will be a battle to get people signed up under one banner

  • Enrique

    @clockmendergb: Sounds a lot like the idea behind Neverware, except for home use. I like the idea actually, it makes everything more consistent and easier to maintain.

    But I think different companies will try to push different futures for computing. We’ll see things like the centralized servers and the purely mobile solutions vying for dominance.

    It all depends on which one will make sense most for people, in terms of cost and convenience. But for now I think it’s gonna be the desktop for the next couple of years.

  • clockmendergb

    A question to you techies.
    I see mobile being the thing as it said in the article .
    they were wondering about the good old desktops future.

    Is there a place for a central server in each house
    that can be accessed wirelessly in any room.?
    Maybe a wall mounted all purpose screen that is a media device and a browser interface.

    I was thinking you would just need a wireless keyboard mouse combo or a pad to do the same job.
    would you be able to use blue tooth or is the range to short.

    Does this sound a bit like the future desktop replacement?