iPhone 6 to come with a 4.8″ inch screen and no home button?

We all know the iPhone 5S is coming next year. In fact, some people may be skipping the iPhone 5 altogether to hold out for the surely more capable upgrade next year. But what we don’t know is what kind of enhancements Apple’s next flagship phone will be getting. Peter Misek, Jefferies Analyst, has released a new research report based on supply chain checks and is making some very interesting claims:

Based on our checks, likely updates include a new super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC. Possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+, 128GB storage, and coming in 6 to 8 colors.

The iPhone 5S more or less sounds like we can expect from Apple’s “S” variations. It looks like the addition of colors which was most recently featured in the latest iPod touches will be making its way to the iPhone. Apple’s addition of NFC could also mean a hopefully more widespread adoption of the technology, and a further way to augment the potential of its Passbook application.

Perhaps more interestingly is the news of what comes after the 5S, as iPhone 6 prototypes appear to have been spotted:

Several iPhone 6 prototypes appear to be floating around. The model with a 4.8″ screen is the most interesting. It has a Retina+ IGZO screen, a new A7 quad-core processor variant, and a new form factor with no home button. Full gesture control is also possibly included.

This sounds more like it. The home button works, but there must be a better way to do things than double or even triple-clicking a single button on the front of the device. The iPad proves that through its gesture controls — I forget the home button’s even there when I’m using one. A 4.8″ screen would definitely help accommodate such a shift, but where does that leave the fragmentation issue Apple has always been so careful to avoid?

The iPhone 5’s screen sidestepped that problem by introducing only a minimal change with its taller screen, but what about an even bigger screen? Surely they won’t go the taller route again, then all those silly mock-ups would have been right. With these rumored features and an impending overhaul to iOS via Jony Ive, Apple’s next round of devices are looking to be pretty interesting.

Note: While this isn’t pure speculation, as supply chains can be extremely telling for future products, it’s still an analyst’s report and not fact until a formal announcement or more hard evidence comes to light.

[via MacRumors]

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