WizMouse: scroll a window without making it active

2009-08-29_183433Here is an interesting utility for us insane multitaskers out there. WizMouse is a software which allows you to scroll a window without making it active. You simply have to place your mouse over the inactive window you want to scroll and use your scroll wheel to scroll. Simple as that.

So now the million dollar question is “why would I want to do this”. Well for people like me that often have multiple windows side by side this makes it a lot easier to scroll them all than having to click on each window before we scroll it. Or if you use special effects to make windows transparent, you may be able to use this to scroll through and view windows while having them all maximized (in theory… never tried this latter suggestion).

Whatever you may use this for, WizMouse is just one of those niceities that make your user experience that much more smooth. Unfortunately, however, I should point out WizMouse only enables you to scroll the inactive window with your mouse wheel… trying to use arrow keys or page up/down will still scroll the active window. The good thing, though, is if your mouse supports horizontal scrolling in addition to vertical, WizMouse will allow you to do both.

You may download WizMouse from the following link:

***WizMouse works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Click here to download WizMouse

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