[Windows] Convert popular audio and video formats on the go with Xmedia Recode Portable

XMedia Recode PortableWhen it comes to media converters, there are tons to choose from. Usually when I look for one, I want three things. First, I want it to be free. Second, I want it to convert tons of different formats, and last, I want it to actually work! That being said, Xmedia Recode Portable does all of this and more.


Main Functionality

Xmedia Recode Portable is a small program that you do not have to install. It is able to convert your media into tons of different formats. To make things easier, the program even comes with a “profile” system. Here you can select the program you want the media to run on. From there, this program will choose the best media format for that device.


  • Portable, no installation required
  • Supports conversions for the following formats: 3GP, 3GPP, 3GPP2, AAC, AC3, AMR, ASF, AVI, AVISynth, DVD, FLAC, FLV, H.261, H.263, H.264, M4A, M1V, M2V, M4V, Matroska (MKV), MMF, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, TS, TRP, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP4V, MOV, OGG, PSP, (S)VCD, SWF , VOB, WAV, WMA, and WMV.
  • The latest version added new profiles, which make for quick converting to formats supported by certain devices
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Very user-friendly


  • Nothing major I can think of


XMedia Recode Portable ScreenshotThere are actually a lot of things to like about Xmedia Recode Portable. However, the first thing that people tend to like about it is the fact that it is completely portable. There is no reason to install anything, just unzip and go. This is perfect for people who want to convert programs on the go or simply do not like installing things to their computer.

The next thing you may notice about Xmedia Recode Portable is all of the different file formats it can convert. To see a full list of these formats check out the “Pros” section above. As you can clearly see, there are not many file types that this program will not be able to make for you.

However, for some people the winning factor for this program may be the fact that it is extremely user-friendly. A lot of this has to do with its profile system. This system allows you to choose a device you want to convert media for, and the program will choose the best format for that device. So let’s say you are converting a movie to play on your iPad, but you are not sure which file format to use. Well, simply choose iPad from the dropdown box under profile, and the program can help you make that choice.

There are tons of profiles to choose from. The iPad was simply one example. This program is able to convert to so many devices that you can almost guarantee that yours is going to be on there. If not, you can always manually select a file format to convert to. The latest update for Xmedia Recode Portable actually added more devices to the profiles list.


Overall, I don’t think you are going to find a much better converter than Xmedia Recode Portable. It is free, portable and easy to use. To cap it all off, it is able to handle tons of different media files. This is a program that simply works, and that is actually very refreshing. Highly recommended.

Price: Free

Version reviewed:

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Download size: Downloader is only 367KB, but final program is close to 7MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/39 (VirusTotal is for the actual Zip file for the program, and not the download installer)

Is it portable? Yes

Xmedia Recode Portable homepage

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  • Eric989

    [@mukhi] Glad you liked VidCoder. Have you ever tried MediaCoder? It is ultrahigh quality and “listens to your settings” just like Vidcoder but has more output settings. The tradeoff is the UI and how complex it can be. It offers every setting for every encoder imaginable even triple pass encoding! Its optimal profile HE-ACC V2 audio codec is the most efficient I have ever used. It sounds good to me at 32kbps!
    I am surprised to hear of random output sizes for Video to Video converter. In my limited experience with it it has consistently stuck to the bitrates I told it. One advantage of it is that it is less picky about poor quality inputs and will produce less video cannot be converted errors than VidCoder or MediaCoder.

  • mukhi

    i have given another try with xmedia but it failed again despite a different and reasonable encoder setting. therefore, although feature-wise it looks great(est), two thumbs down.

    i have tried the ripping of the same DVD folder in my HDD with handbrake, video to video, xmedia recode and now vidcoder.

    handbrake: rips good but with a random size of the output, no option to keep original resolution either.

    video to video (portable): rips good but with a random size of the output, keeps original resolution though. if the input video is split into two VOB files, you need to individually rip them 1st, and join after (built-in joiner) – not a convenient thing.

    xmedia recode (portable): did not work for me at all. also, extremely CPU hungry.

    vidcoder: thanks to Eric989, i have tried this awesome encoder (yes, finally) with success. for a DVD video with runtime of 1:37 h, it generated 1 CD output (700 MB) in 21 min; the output video/audio looks/sounds as good as the original; no AV sync issues. it kept original resolution, and listened to my settings. FYI:
    x264/AAC stereo/MKV

    i only had to workaround a little bit to keep the original resolution/AR (i would be happier to see an option to do that directly). this program is CPU hungry as well (most good encoder are, unfortunately); therefore, don’t run any other program while encoding.

    the winner is vidcoder…for now!!!

  • mukhi

    i am very disappointed to report that my 1st try with xmedia failed terribly. it generated a faulty MKV file when i have used a DVD folder in my HDD as input. another bad news is that it used so much CPU power (87-99% although CPU was set below normal) that the laptop became like a frying pan. will give another try.
    @Eric989: will try vidcoder, too; thanks.

  • Eric989

    @Tom: Amazing how I managed to help you out even though we weren’t even talking about the same thing. I was talking about a completely different program called MediaCoder, but I am glad that Xmedia Recode worked out for you. I criticized Xmedia in an earlier post but I gave it another chance and it is better than I remembered though I still have some problems with it ignoring what I tell it and it doing its own thing when I choose low bitrates.
    @mukhi: If you ever have need for handbrake again, the best handbrake based program I have ever used is called VidCoder. It is built on Handbrake but is much easier to use but is limited to mp4 and mkv outputs. It is handy even if you don’t use it to convert videos as it has very helpful tooltips for most of the advanced settings. By that, I mean that it will tell you if a particular setting will actually be beneficial or just slow down the conversion process with little or no improvement to the video quality. This knowledge can be helpful in other video converters as well.

  • mukhi

    good news fellas!

    i have checked the answers to my questions :)

    # it identifies all VOB files of the DVD and merge them to make a single output file like AVI/MKV as well during the conversion. it even does have a preview window (“Filters/Preview” tab).
    # we can also specify size or video bitrate. if you choose size (“Jobs” tab, around bottom right), just don’t choose “Bitrate” in “Video” tab if you want to keep original audio; makes sense?
    # if you want to keep original audio, in “Audio” tab, “Modus” should be “Copy” (not “Convert”).
    # to have the desired audio/video profile, you must choose “Profile” as “Custom” in “Format” tab.

    now, all i need to see is that whether it does what it claims! it looks like a terrific converter given the options mentioned above (it just blows away my fav free ripper/converter handbrake).

  • mukhi

    @Tom: this can keep the original audio? wow! can it identify all VOB files of the DVD and merge them to make a single output file like AVI/MKV as well during the conversion (handbrake does this but can not do the original audio)? can we also specify size or video bitrate (handbrake can specify bitrate but not the size)? i gotta check it!
    the worst thing about handbrake or some other converters is that it changes picture size (W X H) sometimes.

  • Tom

    @Eric989: You are right. I just found the “custom” feature. I also discovered that I don’t need to recode DVD audio AC3>AC3, but instead, can keep the original AC3. WOW. This already has become my favorite tool. While I like MeGUI, I am plagued by audio/video sync problems, which require me to re-run the conversion.

  • Shawn

    Glad to be of service…and thanks for the software recommendation… It’s beeing put to good use as one of my friends daughter wanted to start working on upload formats as she wants to try to get on “The Voice” French Version.

    Btw for anyone who has the patience to learn
    SUPER © available at http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html (Information link) this program has no limits their site looks like crap but hey it’s the program that counts =)

    Download location:
    Find on the page the following (Near the bottom)
    Download SUPER © setup file.

  • Eric989

    @Tom: MediaCoder can do that. I even ran a video through to make sure it actually worked and confirmed that it actually converted the audio to ac3. MediaCoder is not the easiest or friendliest to use but it can pretty much convert everything to everything and is super high quality.

  • Ashraf

    @Shawn: Thanks! Updated review to include link to their homepage.
    @Tom: No, we benefit nothing from click-throughs. I’ved fixed the link now.

  • mukhi

    if you want something easy and portable, i don’t think something can beat this.

  • smaragdus

    Softonic is one of the worst web-sites one could choose to download from.

    XMedia Recode is totally clean (both portable and installable versions) if downloaded from its home page or from decent sources like Softpedia.

    XMedia Recode is one of the best video transcoders available.

  • Midwest guy

    I’ve been using XMediaRecode for several years now. A definite thumbs up. And not only does it do a good job converting audio and video formats, it also has some minor editing features. For example, you can change brightness, contrast, and color saturation of videos during the conversion process. Or edit their lengths. Overall, it’s a very valuable tool and the fact that it’s portable and free and frequently updated are big bonuses. I get my clean download from The Portable Freeware Collection which links directly to the author’s website.

  • Tom

    Why Softonic (unless you personally benefit by click-throughs)? The developer’s site offers a clean download, doing away with your only “con”.

    And another app without AC3 support for mp4 h264 (at least there is MeGUI).

  • Sherwood Tucker

    Win 7 x64 i5
    I installed the portable version and converted an MP4 to youtube format. All was good.
    I tried batch mode IE adding several MP4’s and program closed.
    I downloaded the update (not portable) and did same as above.
    Suddenly multiple copies of excel started to open automatically in some kind of a loop???
    Had to hit the reset button as everything was locked up!

  • Eric989

    This one is good and works but I never was super impressed by it.
    If you want to avoid the softonic download process just get it from Softpedia or DownloadCrew.

  • Shawn

    There’s a updated version on xmedia website http://www.xmedia-recode.de/download.html is the Softonic Version as is the one available on their site.