Pro-privacy bill is passed by US Senate Judiciary Committee


Location privacy is something that many in today’s connected world worry about, especially when it seems like every app you use wants information on your whereabouts. Many off these are perfectly understandable of course, such as mapping applications, but there are some that don’t need to be anywhere near your location data. Even worse, some companies decide to track your location without your approval.

According to a report by The Verge, we may be one step closer to putting those worries behind us. A location bill that Senator Al Franken has been pushing, called the Location Privacy Protection Act, has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee. If turned into law, this bill would force companies to first gain approval from users before they are able to collect or share their location data and ban any applications that can secretly monitor that information.

It has to be said that many companies are already doing this voluntarily, as evidenced for example by the constant pop-up permissions you’ll notice by apps on iOS. Browsers are also starting to include the “Do Not Track” option in their settings, bypassing the need for you to monitor and delete unwanted cookies. Nevertheless, there will always be the occasional offender — and malicious intent or not, a law like this will only our peace of mind moving forward.

[via The Verge]

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  • Hal

    wish I could shut off the gps totally for my cell phone. Do they even make anything to do that (app) or program

    hope that bill passes

  • Mike

    @JonE: Actually, Al Franken (thanks, Greg) has been seen as something of a maverick for the “little guy.” Every little bit helps.

  • JonE

    I doubt that Senator Al Franken really cares about you as an individual or as a citizen; I’m sure he does care about getting your vote in the next election. Sorry! I do not have a huge respect for our Federal representatives.

    And what makes you think that if this does become law that it will be followed by those that mean you harm? The entities that do care are already doing the right thing. The ones who aren’t, I’m sure, will continue to do what they are doing now. Another law that puts another burden on government and another law that will be next to impossible to enforce.

    Just another reason NOT to use a mobile device.

  • greg

    @Mike: FrankeN

  • Mike

    Wow–someone in the U.S. actually looking out for citizens as vs, large corporations, and for citizen privacy rights. Go, Senator Frankel!