Extremely scary transparent glass walkway above Tianmen Mountain in China [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Here on dotTech, we may be afraid of heights (and by “we” I mean Ashraf) but we aren’t afraid of sharing photos that show the heights we scared of. Indeed, we have seen a flimsy looking path above a deep gorge in China. We have seen a glass balcony in Chicago. We have seen dinner in the sky. We have seen camping in the sky. And more. Now let’s look at something new Ashraf will likely never walk on — a glass walkway above a mountain in China.

Check out the following photo; it is of a glass walkway above Tianmen Mountain in China (technically the glass walkway is on [attached to] Tianmen Mountain, not above):


…Yep, not going there. How about you? Let us know in the comments below!

[via Facebook]

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  • Seamus McSeamus

    I’m sure it’s a breathtaking view, but I’ll keep my feet on the ground and look at the pictures, thank you very much.

  • etim

    Pretty cool, but why didn’t they just go over the mountain? Its summit looks to be only about 50 feet higher.
    Choosing coolness over $$ costs and safety? Not in America anymore, unfortunately.

  • Agree also with Tom.

  • KMHamm

    What? No skateboarders?!?!

  • Tom

    Transparent or opaque… it’s still “Made in China”. Worry more about the engineering than the appearance.

  • Peter

    There leads a spectacular road up to the top.

    I think this is by far not as scary as Tiananmen square :(

  • Merlin

    shi, there are ppt slideshows going around on the net about the building of the path.

    I wouldn’t mind walking over it. The building of the path was the scary part… Just some wooden planks and ropes to hold the workers.
    BTW, it isn’t completely in glass. Parts of the path are build in concrete, some parts are made of very thick glass.

  • Why take such a risk if it is to remain attached to the wall ?
    Not for me either, no !

  • shi

    wow how the hell did they build that?!! my tummy would be squirming, doubt could go on it.

  • Eric989

    How many of you think that Ashraf would look just like that if he were to cross it?