iPhone 5 has big weekend launch in China, sales top two million


Apple has announced that the iPhone 5’s weekend launch in China has resulted in two million units sold. This is despite initial reactions to the lines outside China’s Apple Stores being compared unfavorably to the iPhone 4S’s hysteric launch earlier this year.

“Customer response to iPhone 5 in China has been incredible, setting a new record with the best first weekend sales ever in China,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “China is a very important market for us and customers there cannot wait to get their hands on Apple products.”

While the announcement is about the iPhone 5 launch in mainland China specifically, the phone also launched in 32 other countries as well. Launch lines and parties occurred in Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, and Brazil, among others. Apple also notes that this has been the fastest iPhone rollout ever, with the iPhone 5 being available in more than 100 countries by the end of December.


Did you get an iPhone 5? I’ve decided to skip this generation for the next. Let us know in the comments!

[image via Sina Tech]

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