The real iPhone killer [Comic]

Looking for an iPhone killer was more relevant last year than today simply because there are tons of viable iPhone alternatives now than in the past. However, iPhone is still a very popular phone and, for all intends and purposes, nothing has really “killed” it yet. For example, iPhone 5 just sold two million units in China over the weekend — no other phone demands such popularity (except maybe Nexus 4, but that is because of its low price).

With that said, what is the real iPhone killer? The following comic has the answer — check it out:


[via Manu Cornet]

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  • Shawn

    Damn this comic going to cause a copyright infridgment suit on the diabolical idea I just got.

    Android Pac Man Clone and the ghosts are apple, microsoft, and other vendors xD

    The dots on the screen are patents and the major dots are the judges =)

    Definitely made me smile…