[Windows] Easily resize multiple images at once using drag + drop with VarieDrop

VarieDropDo you store a lot of pictures on your computer? Better yet, do you need to resize a bunch of pictures to the exact same dimensions? If so, VarieDrop is the perfect tool for you. This is a program that actually lets you batch resize and convert your images. However, you can even use this program to quickly convert pictures to many different sizes.


Main Functionality

VarieDrop is a program that actually supports drag and drop. The program is set up with four different areas. Each area can be set up to resize your images to a different size. Thus, if you have four different sizes you are always converting images to, you can use this program to help speed up the process.


  • Easy-to-use drag and drop interface
  • Set up different profiles to easily convert pictures to the required size
  • Offers “Setting2One” option (explained in the discussion below)
  • Program can be added to your right click “send to” option


  • Not as helpful for people who don’t convert and resize a lot of images


VarieDrop ScreenshotThere are tons of programs out there that will let you resize images and convert them to other file types. However, there are few programs that allow you to set up different “resizing” profiles. In short, this is what VarieDrop does. Sure it has some other functions as well, but the fact that it allows you to drag and drop image files to be resized quickly is why most people use it.

Here is how the program works. Simply set up profiles in one of the four sections displayed on the program’s main interface. For example, maybe you need pictures to be all the same size on your blog or if you are printing out certain sized pictures and need them all to be the same size. After you set up the different profiles, simply take the picture you want to resize and drag and drop it to that profile section. The program will apply all of the changes. It is that simple!

VarieDrop also offers Settings2One. This is a very cool feature that allows you to define a width only or height only profile. When you do this, the other dimension will be calculated and automatically set to keep the same aspect ratio.

One of my favorite features was the ability to add VarieDrop to your right click menu. Simply right click an image, hover over “send to” and you will see VarieDrop listed. This way you can just send pictures right to the program without even having to have VarieDrop open first.

The program is extremely useful, but it’s mostly helpful to those of you who like to resize images a lot. After all, if you only do a little bit of resizing, you probably already have a program that helps you do that. Since you don’t do it often, using this program is probably not too time consuming. However, if you do lots of resizing you may be able to save yourself a ton of time this way.


Since the program is free, and it does work, I do recommend the program. However, I can only recommend it to those of you who are continuously resizing images. For anyone else, it is unlikely that you are going to find this program very useful. At least, since the price tag is free, you can try out the program and see if it is worth your time.

Price: Free

Version reviewed:

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Download size: 730KB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/40

Is it portable? No

VarieDrop homepage

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  • JennB213

    Thank You so much Mister Lee for taking time to reply..
    That is very much appreciated.

    However, I did delete the program the day I posted the comment.

    Again, I appreciate you trying to help me.

    Regards, Jenn

  • Mister Lee

    Attn. JennB213:

    Note: On the home page for Varie Drop, if you click on ‘Online Help’, it does in fact take you to a Japenese version. However, this is easily remedied using ‘Google Translate’. If you go to Google’s home page and click on ‘More’, the first choice is ‘Translate’. Open this page and paste the URL for the Japanese rendering of the ‘Online Help’. (On the translate page; choose Japanese for ‘FROM’ and English for ‘TO’).
    There are two areas of the help section.
    The first: “Installation / Uninstallation”
    The second: “Window”
    The translation is pretty good.
    The bulk of the useful information is in the “Window” section.
    Hopefully, this will be of some help to you.

  • JennB213

    PRO’s::: This appears to be a stand alone program, never did install into my Programs.so was easy to get rid of.

    CON’s ::: Didn’t like this program at all …

    Send To gives you NO CONTROL over size, CAN NOT pick size you want .
    I don’t know if 150 x 150 is the default but that’s what I kept getting.

    NO HELP in the program .. Actually NO HELP anywhere .. All in Japanese, even the online help.

    I tried the Drag & Drop and that worked fair, at least the size turned out.

    I do a lot of resizing and would LOVE to have a decent program.

    I’ve got the Windows Resizer works great BUT as soon as it resizes the image it puts a padlock on the file in Windows 7 and nobody else can use the file. I’ve tried changing the Security on the containing folder but that’s just to much trouble for as much as I resize.

    I know beggars can’t be choosey so guess I’ll keep looking.

    Thank You ~!!