Disney wants to track your movements and behavior in its theme parks


Disney wants to make its theme parks more interactive and more intimate. To try and accomplish that, the company plans to introduce a new program called MyMagic+ that will track your current location and spending habits in the park to monitor behavior. Sound a little excessive and creepy? Stay with me on this one, it might not be so bad.

Park patrons will have the option to where RFID-equipped wristbands or as Disney calls them, “MagicBands.” For those that are familiar with Disney’s theme parks, the bands will function as your FastPass, as well as a room key and even credit card to make purchases within the park. This will also Disney to keep track of what you purchased, where your purchased it and the attractions that you end up visiting.

So, what’s in it for visitors? Besides acting as an all-in-one pass, the bands would theoretically be able to alert you when lines to certain rides are the shortest, or for kids, tell the mascots their names so they can be greeted on a first-name basis. Chief creative executive for Walt Disney Imagineering, Bruce Vaughn says,

“We want to take experiences that are more passive and make them as interactive as possible. Moving from, ‘Cool, look at that talking bird,’ to ‘Wow, amazing, that bird is talking directly to me.”

Disney is also aware of the privacy concerns that this kind of data gathering and sharing can bring up, so parents will be able to decide how much information the MagicBands will be allowed to reveal — as well as whether they want their kids even wearing them or not.

Do you think this is a cool idea? Or just creepy? Tell us why in the comments!

[via The Verge, image via cristina dragos]

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