Consumer Reports ranks iPhone 5 last among the top smartphones


With the iPhone 5 selling over 50 million units just in the last quarter alone, you’d think it was the top smartphone on the market, right? Consumer Reports doesn’t seem to think so.

The magazine has been bringing reviews for almost 80 years now, so their opinion carries a lot of weight in the eyes of many. In its February 2013 issue, the magazine ranks the top smartphones available for each carrier in the US. Take a look below:


It looks like the best smartphone on the market right now, at least according to Consumer Reports is… the LG Optimus G? The iPhone doesn’t appear on T-Mobile’s list because the carrier doesn’t sell it, but it doesn’t even make it on Verizon which does the iPhone. For AT&T and Sprint, however, it sits in third place behind the LG Optimus G and Samsung Galaxy S III.

To be fair, these phones are still the top of the heap and are only  a few single points apart, but it’s interesting to see that the iPhone doesn’t top the chart for any of the carriers according to consumer reports. Also, many point out the successes of Android are due to its cheaper and faster-selling lower-end market segments, but here we have it topping the high-end area.

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[via iDownloadBlog, image via BusinessInsider (Consumer Reports)]

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