NVIDIA announces the Tegra 4, the ‘world’s fastest mobile processor’


NVIDIA has unveiled the Tegra 4, which it’s dubbing the ‘world’s fastest mobile processor.’ Like previous generations of the Tegra chipset, the Tegra 4 is designed for use in notebooks and perhaps more notably, in tablets and smartphones.

The previously codenamed “Wayne” brings with it a similar setup to the Tegra 3: a quad-core processor and a fifth low-power core to conserve battery life. Despite the similar setup, however, the Tegra 4 features a completely new architecture from the previous generation, rumored to be using a 28nm manufacturing process as opposed to the 40nm process used in the Tegra 3 — allowing the chipset to have more optimal power consumption despite the increase in horsepower.

Speaking of horsepower, NVIDIA says that the Tegra 4 surpasses everything currently on the market — hence the ‘world’s fastest mobile processor’ title. The next-generation chipset features 72 GPU cores that will be able to augment everything from games to photography in mobile devices. Expect to see devices powered by the Tegra 4 later this year.

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