SuperSpeed USB 3.0 coming in 2014 with 10Gbps transfer speeds


Are you unsatisfied with the current speeds that your USB 3.0 devices give you? Worry not, as the organization has announced a new upgraded specification that will bring higher speeds using the current connections.

The new enhanced SuperSpeed USB 3.0 spec will double the current transfer speeds of 5Gbps to 10Gbps — the same speed that Thunderbolt connectors currently have. However, we won’t be seeing the upgraded spec anytime soon as it is scheduled to be finalized sometime this year, with devices set to launch in late 2014 or early 2015.

To take advantage of the double-speed USB 3.0 interface, devices such as computers, hubs, and digital cameras will need new USB controller hardware. However, the new version of USB 3.0 uses the same connectors, so existing USB devices can be plugged into the higher-speed ports.

USB 3.0 cables may or may not work. “Existing SuperSpeed USB cables are not certified to operate at 10 Gbps; it is possible that some existing SuperSpeed USB cables may be capable of operating at 10 Gbps,” the group said.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens when these devices appear and begin to gain traction — the ubiquity of USB connectors, as well as the more reasonable pricing of products with the connectors, has the potential to turn Thunderbolt into another FireWire. Unless, being late to the party in terms of speed will prove otherwise. Only time will tell.

 [via CNET]

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  • Enrique

    @Coyote: I know what you mean, that could potentially be really frustrating. But USB is the one standard that avoids that. You’ll notice that USB 2 or 3 will be using the same type of cable and are backwards compatible.

    You just won’t get the upgraded speeds when using your USB 2 device over a USB 3 port. But if you do happen to own a USB 3 device, you’ll get better speeds.

    I think it’s a win win for everybody, as opposed to changing the entire cable and forcing everyone to buy new stuff :)

  • Coyote

    @Enrique: But it just seems as soon as a standard is decided on they come up with 2 or 3 new ways of doing the same thing. I have yet to even see a USB 3.0 device in the wild where I live.

  • Enrique

    @Coyote: USB is a standard, and they are sticking with it. But why not make it faster to keep up with the rest of technology? SSD’s are getting faster, data is getting bigger. And there are many people that need those kinds of transfer speeds too.

    Either way, I think we all benefit from this.

  • Coyote

    Or it could be nobody adopts the technology because it’s overkill. Are they wanting this to compete with HDMI? There have been few instances in my life where I’ve needed to copy something that quickly….

    The better thing to do would be to decide on a standard data cable and make everyone use it.