iPhone users vs Android users vs BlackBerry users [Comic]

Anyone that has taken an elementary-level Sociology or Psychology knows, among other things, there are two basic types of perceptions of people; perceptions people have of themselves and perceptions people have of others. Generally, unless you are suffering from depression or something similar, people have a more positive perception of themselves than other people. This is, without a doubt, the case when it comes to smartphone users. Check it out:



[via C-Section Comics]

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  • jayesstee

    @Ashraf: This handheld OS thing is getting quite tribal! And we know what happens when tribal rivalries escalate, don’t we. Let’s hope people don’t get hurt for using the “wrong” OS?

  • @AFPhys:

    Are you using a zero-based index? or 1-based? ;)

  • AFPhys

    Now, this one is really funny … especially when seen by someone like me, who still does not own a cell phone.

    That makes appropriate pictures for folks top see me as the one on the lower right. … meanwhile I see myself as the guy in cell (2,2).

  • kevbo

    Nice one.

  • Hamza


  • thegreenwizard


  • Shawn

    Love it!