Samsung shows off Youm, a flexible display (a screen that bends, rolls, and folds)


Ultra HD OLED TVs seem to be getting a lot of attention at CES, but what about bendable OLED displays? That’s what Samsung’s talking up now, as they’ve shown off a new flexible display technology that they’re calling Youm.

The company demoed the Youm display technology in their keynote presentation, saying that the technology is designed to bring better colors and contrast in a super thin form factor. During the demo, they showed off a prototype phone with the display bent around the side of the phone, potentially allowing you to see updates on the side of it.

Samsung says that the displays are bendable, rollable and foldable. The technology will allow the company’s partners to make these kinds of displays when it’s made available. CNET notes that Samsung isn’t the only dabbling in flexible display technology — fellow South Korean company LG and Nokia have recently demonstrated flexible prototypes for phones and tablets.

This just leaves me with one question, will flexible displays be able to provide any actual tangible benefit on consumer’s devices? Or is it better left for commercial use?

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[via CNET]

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  • Enrique

    @Bloodaxe: Awesome ideas! Definitely a great use for flexible displays!

  • Bloodaxe

    Probably not for phones but could see that on the arm of a quarterback or sewn into the sleeve of an over coat. Battery and bluetooth to your phone and you have a display. I could see that being used on the battle field for a display on every soldier.

  • jayesstee

    @naveed: . . . . and a flexible wallet to pay for all these desirable gadgets.

  • Now, all we need is a flexibly battery and we can have a flexible cellphone, that won’t break on dropping and will fit pockets easier.

  • AFPhys

    Now I’ll be able to put a 96inch TV screen on my 75inch wall! Just bend it around the corner!

  • Enrique

    @Mike: Definitely! But I hope they figure out how to make it really useful as well.

  • Mike

    One of the more way cool technologies I’ve seen in recent days!