‘Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank’ is brilliantly funny [Video]


What would you do if you worked at a food joint with a drive-thru and a car drove up with no one inside? Magic of Rahat, the ‘Magician Prankster’, wanted to see the reaction of people when they see a person-less car go through a drive-thru. So he created a car seat costume, put it on, and went driving. The result? A fairly funny video of baffled people. Check it out:

“Am I tripping?” LOL!

[Thanks Osman!]

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  • Hilarious!

    I had a lot of fun when I had a car with a remote starter, and I used to start it up next to people. It scared quite a few people, when the car started with no one inside.

  • Mike

    Pretty cute! :)

  • Unicorn02

    Yes, this was quite funny. But check out his other video “Drive Thru Static Shock Fainting Prank”. I think this was even more funny!