Mysterious company unveils a “real” hoverboard, elaborate prank expected [Video]


An unknown company called Huvr Corp suddenly began promoting a “real” hoverboard today through a number of convincing clips and testimonies. Tony Hawk, Moby and Back to the Future‘s Christopher Lloyd were among those tapped to not only appear in the videos, but claim that “HOVERBOARDS ARE REAL” on social media.

Though the video says that the people who tried Huvr were more comfortable with using safety equipment, many point out the visible crane and wires in video stills. After some digging by Mashable, the site says they’ve uncovered Funny or Die is behind this elaborate hoax that has many online convinced.

Looks like we’ll have to wait a couple of more years before we see a real hoverboard then!

[via The Verge, Mashable]

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