[Windows] Easily save online images to pre-defined locations using hotkeys with SavePictureAs

SavePictureAsSavePictureAs is one of those programs you are either going to love or hate. Not because of how it performs, but because of its entire point of being. If you find yourself saving tons of pictures from the internet to your computer in different folders, you will love it. If not, there is no reason to get it.


Main Functionality

SavePictureAs is a program that allows you to save image you find on the internet to different folders on your computer with just the click of a button. In short, it lets you set up 5 different hotkeys that will automatically save pictures to certain locations on your computer.


  • Quickly save pictures you find on the internet to specific folders on your computer
  • Allows you to set up 5 different hotkeys which are designated to a certain folders which you pick
  • Completely portable and easy setup
  • Does not use a lot of computer resources


  • Only allows for 5 different hotkey setups
  • Only works for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome


SavePictureAs ScreenshotSavePictureAs is a very simple program. In short, it allows you to setup custom hotkeys that will automatically save pictures you find on the internet to different folders. This is great for people who do a lot of picture hunting online, but not so great for people who don’t. If you don’t think this function sounds useful, I can save you some time by saying there is no need to continue reading this review, because that is the only function this program performs. This is not a bad thing, but it is not one of those programs that has a ton of abilities.

For the most part, the program is extremely easy to use. Simply unzip it in the location you want, and start setting up some different folders. The program is completely portable, but since you are designating certain hotkeys to certain locations, the debate on just how portable this program is, is kind of up in the air. At the very least, you can say that it does not have to be installed.

After getting it installed, you can setup your hotkeys. Each hotkey will be linked to a different folder on your computer. So let’s say you like getting pictures of cars, boats and animals (I don’t know…just coming up with random ideas here). You could set up a hotkey for each different category. When you find a car picture, you can hit a certain key, and the picture will download to the correct folder. That being said, you better not have more than 5 different folders you save to a lot, because it only gives you 5 hotkey setups.

The biggest problem I have with this program is the fact that it does not work with every browser. In fact, if you don’t use Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Chrome, you are simply out of luck. Although these are some of the most popular browsers, there are others out there who use other ones. It would have been nice to see some support for them.


I wish there was more I could say about SavePictureAs. However, the program is very simple. It is made for people who like saving pictures they find online. If you do a lot of this, the program is perfect for you, and I recommend it. If not, don’t waste your time; it is as simple as that.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 7.0

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Download size: 454KB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 1/46

Is it portable? Yes

SavePictureAs homepage

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  • Robert Jackson
  • Robert Jackson

    The Autohotkey forum has gone thru some changes. The new download link is https://autohotkey.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10

    SavePictureAs version 10.7 now supports 24 browsers…

    Cool Novo
    Comodo Dragon
    Slim Browser
    Crazy Browser
    Am Brower
    Deepnet Explorer
    The World Browser

    Also, added support using your mouse as hotkeys.

  • Robert Jackson

    Version 10.0 is now available from the above link.

    Allows up to 10 favorite hotkeys.

    Supports 11 browsers.

  • Robert Jackson

    [@Justin] SavePictureAs V8.0 and higher now supports 7 browsers. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, Safari, RockMelt and Google Chrome.

  • Robert Jackson

    [@Robert Jackson] Also supports the RockMelt browser.

  • Robert Jackson

    Version 8.0 is now available.
    Support Safari, Maxthon, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome and Firefox.

    Change from 5 to 10 hotkeys.

    Added “Special Folder” that makes SavePictureAs V8.0 portable. Just put SavePictureAs on a flash drive and choose a folder on the flash drive as your “Special Folder”.
    Full instructions are provide in SavePictureAs V8.0.

    Rename original and duplicates with Date and Time.

    There are tons of new features found on the Addtional Settings menu found by clicking on the system tray icon then Settings.

    Just a few.
    Start with windows.
    Create Desktop Icon.
    Increased History from 30 to any User Defined amount.
    Clear History on exit.
    7 ways to rename saved pictures.
    5 ways to handle pictures when duplicates are found. Including “Ask What To Do” which displays both the original and duplicate pictures with several options on how to handle each picture.
    And much more. Check it out.

  • Crystal

    Just wanted to let you know that this program has made sorting and saving my pictures so much easier. This program is very simple to this computer illiterate person. Keep up the good work!!

  • Robert Jackson

    @mrlee: The zip file contains SavePictureAs.exe which does not require Autohotkey to be installed

  • @Justin:

    :) I’m not trying to say that it’s ok because it supports a browser I like. I’ve avoided browsers like Maxthon simply because of lack of support for addons. I didn’t know that Maxthon now supports them. And last I heard, Apple discontinued Safari for Windows. I haven’t even heard of RockMeIt, but that’s just my ignorance.

    You might want to clarify and specifically mention the lack of Maxthon support, particularly for people like me who don’t delve outside of the major browsers.

  • @naveed: Support for Maxthon, Safari, and RockMelt would be a good start. Maxthon is actually a browser I really enjoy using as it supports ad-ons much in the same way that Firefox does…but it tends to be less memory hungry. Remember, just because it supports a browser “you” like does not mean that it supports browsers that others like, which is something I try to keep in mind when doing reviews.

  • The cons seem a little weird to me. Especially the browser support. It supports all major browsers. I would actually list this as a pro, it even supports Opera, with it’s 2% market share. What else would you want it to support?

  • Paul D

    I drag pictures from Firefox directly into the desired folder in Windows Explorer. Much simpler. That said, I do have the advantage of dual monitors.

  • Ashraf

    @mrlee: AFAIK, if you download the EXE version of SavePictureAs, you dont need AHK.

  • stilofilos

    Brilliant little idea, and nicely done.
    At first I found it quite contra-intuitive, but once I had found my way in its logic, I soon started liking it a lot and I already wouldn’t want to miss it anymore.
    Thanks Justin !

  • mrlee

    It seems there is a prerequisite to downloading SavePictureAs…

    I believe you must first have AutoHotkey installed on your system.

    AutoHotkey is a free, open-source utility for Windows…



    Mister Lee

  • Stephen

    Thanks – I like the idea. I save pictures I find of a certain artist. Having to navigate to the correct folder is a pain, so I think that this program, although simple and inflexible, will be pretty nice to have.