China is now requiring fiber optic, high-speed internet in all new houses that are near it


First off, for you eagle-eyed viewers out there, I’m well aware that the photo is of a Japanese neighborhood — it just seemed to fit. Now that’s out of the way, a new policy in China is now requiring all new residences built near fiber optic connections to be wired up starting in April. Sound good? It gets better.

While not content to just have you wired up for ultra-fast speeds, the connection must be hooked to all the different providers in the area. That way, users can freely choose their internet provider. With this new policy in place, China hopes to have 40 million families on fiber connections by the year 2015. Sound to good to be true? Sadly, it is.

Remember this, this, and this? Yeah. I’m not too sure I’d trade in fast speeds for that kind of internet. Would you?

[via Gizmodo, image via Marufish]

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