[Android] Get 50GB of free cloud storage with the official MediaFire Android app

unnamedMediaFire has just released its own Android app offering 50Gb of free storage. This app is great for users who are underwhelmed by the current storage features offered by Google Drive, DropBox, and other similar services. It is also great for those who already use MediaFire to share and receive files. This app will also be appealing for those who choose not to pay for additional space in the cloud but still wish to have a comprehensive amount of storage at his or her disposal.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

This app is essentially designed to be an alternative to the popular cloud services already used by the majority of Android users. It offers a very competitive storage option for free users that is going to be hard to match by other cloud services. It is clearly designed to directly compete with the current options and it is doing so by significantly upping the amount of free storage available by any other company.


  • Free 50GB of cloud storage
  • Upload any file format
  • Take and upload photos and videos directly in the app
  • Upload files right from gallery
  • Share files via email, SMS, or other Android apps


  • Unattractive user interface
  • Basic polishing required


unnamed (1)MediaFire has come out swinging with their new Android app. It has taken aim at Google Drive and Dropbox by offering an irresistible 50GB of free service just for installing the app. This is obviously significantly higher than the current offerings as Google Drive will only offer you 5GB of free storage. It will be interesting to see what MediaFire’s overall plans are for the app and whether or not the 50GB will last when the service starts to become more popular. It is very bold of MediaFire to enter an already-established market. However, with the plans that they are offering, it completely makes sense that the company believes that it can successfully compete with the other popular services.Add

You will get all of the essential features that come with any typical cloud service. These include the ability to upload any file you want, regardless of the format. Uniquely, this app offers the ability to take and upload photos and videos directly within the app. This can be incredibly useful because it makes uploading the exact media you want incredibly easy. Additionally, the app will plug in to the gallery so you can upload media to your cloud without even leaving the gallery. As expected, you get the ability to share any of your files through email, SMS, and any other service you have installed on your Android phone. This is essential for any cloud service because part of the appeal is the ability to send any file to any person you want.

While this app is am major step up from most cloud services, there are some unfortunate aspects. For starters, it seems like you cannot permanently keep a file in the cloud unless you upgrade to a premium account. This may be a bug but if it persists, it could be the one aspect that will keep it from widespread success. Additionally, the interface is incredibly unattractive. This undoubtedly spans from the fact the the app is still in its infancy. This fact also makes the app seem very unpolished. However, these aspects are likely to get better the more the app is developed by MediaFire.

Conclusion and download link

While this is a major step forward in cloud storage, there are a few issues that need addressing. MediaFire started out on a fantastic note by starting a free cloud storage services that offers storage options that are miles ahead of the competition. However, if MediaFire continues to keep users from storing files permanently, then they will fail to gain any ground on popular storage services. Overall, this app is off to the right start. Only time will tell how successful and practical the app will actually be.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0.1

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Download size: 7mb

MediaFire on Play Store

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